A chalk paint story

My husband and I decided to try our luck at a few yard sales last weekend and we found this pitiful looking chair for $1.00.  He thought this was a waste of time and money (yeah, an entire dollar!) but we loaded it up and took it home. He complained about it but I decided to make this my next project since  I needed a chair for my sewing room.




the seat before

He started to wipe off the cobwebs, then pulled out the sander, just cleaned it right up. He had to repair a small place with some wood glue and told me I should not paint it until the glue dried-maybe not even until the next day.  I went on to other things. A few hours later he had mixed up some chalk paint*, and yes, he painted the chair! Off we then went to  shop for and try to agree on  fabric for the seat. That was no easy job!!  We finally agreed on the orange and green combo to match the room (and the chair). The next day I went to work and

………..look what I found when I got home………

unnamed (2)

My husband-who was not very pleased with this ‘big’ purchase-decided to restore it himself! I can’t complain. I think it turned out great!! Another chalk paint success! Thanks Thommmee.

* chalk paint recipe

1 cup of water based paint (I purchased the sample size at Home Depot)

1/3 cup of plaster of paris

1/3 cup of water

paste wax

a paint brush (don’t use a real cheap brush as they sometimes shed)

a container to mix in

mix, mix, mix (get the lumps out)

This is great for wood among (and  other mediums I hear). Actually, your furniture doesn’t  really require much prep work. Just clean and dry your item. This paint will result in more of a matte finish. After your paint dries, wax your item using a clean cloth, allow to dry somewhat and rub  into the piece and wipe off the excess .

Happy Painting!


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