More thanksgiving, joy, weddings………..

1387048617408Today is another day to be thankful for. We are in Palm Springs for a wedding. Weddings are a good time for reflection and soul-searching. As we watch two lives come together, we are reminded about hope, new beginnings…and love. We look at those around us and feel warm and fuzzy( most of us maybe). I have to wonder why it often takes these special occasions to remember our own moments of joy. Are our lives so filled with the hustle bustle of daily life that we cannot take time to be thankful~ to be joyful ~ to be simply happy?179866649 We would do well to remember that our lives are most enjoyed when we spend time with people, not things and most importantly, to be thankful for those people. If we don’t have “those people” in our lives, we could look outside ourselves. There are many people out there who would appreciate a smile, a kind word, or the gift of our time. Joy may not always come knocking at our door. Maybe we need to go out and do the knocking!1387078687077


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