Just a few days into my retirement……

….. and I feel so strange. I feel like I need to rush to accomplish something! My plan is to start a smallish sewing business…aprons, pillows, home decor, and who knows what else. I spent my first weekend  organizing my sewing room. I organized fabric, buttons (by color), thread, ribbon, lace, and so on.  I purchased  storage containers and shelving. I set up my work area. It took two days. First thing Monday morning (after my trip to the gym) I sat down to sew. I had an idea to make doll clothes for the American Girl type dolls. A friend warned me that working with small pieces was challenging but I pushed on. Well, 6 (or more) hours later, I had two half-finished shirts and was completely frustrated!  Scratch that idea! The next day I decided to work on something that I had previously done and had a track record with. Sigh, I just could not get going. As the day progressed I felt my enthusiasm fading away. Now what? Well, today I took the day off.  I had an early dentist appointment, went to Bible study with Thommee, we took our lunch to the park along with our Scrabble game and spent the afternoon enjoying the unseasonably warm weather (sorry those in the East and Midwest). It was about 78 degrees. I took a power walk (trying to burn off the holiday pounds). Thommee took his new metal detector for a spin. It was a fabulous day and I feel encouraged for tomorrow to try again. Faith and patience. I guess they are right, it has only been a  few days.

Any thoughts to share? Words of wisdom? Comments welcome.


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