One week into my retirement

I survived one week away from work. I make it sound like it was difficult (like staying away from chocolate or something). I started off the week with such high hopes of accomplishing something phenomenal and that did not happen. I thought I would be getting my sewing business off the ground with an inventory of freshly created items stacking up. Well, that just did not happen.  Yes, I did some serious organizing of my sewing/craft room and even managed to clean the pantry but I had planned for so much more! I jumped up each morning and headed to the gym ( four times this week!) but nothing monumental occurred as I had planned. I found myself rushing around with a sense of urgency and not enjoying the days until mid-week when I took the day off to be with Thommmee. The next day I spent several hours with a friend. She came over for lunch and a crafting brain storming session. Mostly we just talked about everything and anything. Yesterday my daughter and  her baby (our newest granddaughter) came over for a few hours. I spent several hours on the phone with the other “kids” talking about a variety of topics.  I made a lunch date with another friend. As the week progressed, I began to realize that this was not going to be so much about accomplishing “something” as it was spending time with the people I care about. This new phase of my life was going to be about slowing down and enjoying the journey.

Yes, I still have high hopes of  making and selling items, getting that Etsy account up and running, starting a website, and  printing business cards. I am also coming to understand that while this will be an exciting venture, it is the people in my life that will be my primary focus. Hmmmm…I think I have said this all along but perhaps it has taken me until now to really understand it.


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