“If you are open to something you can find it”

A good friend gave me a copy of this book. She retired a few years ago so she has some experience with this retirement thing. She thought I might find it interesting. I do.

2014-01-25 10.57.16 (2) It is so interesting to find that others before me have also felt this sense of ‘weirdness’ that I have experienced.  They may not use this word or feel as I do, might have different backgrounds, jobs, or situations, but they too have felt a call to find that something that will define them in the next chapter of their lives. A quote from the book is, “if you are open to something you can find it.”

Wow! This quote is true in so many aspects of our lives. I am open to hear the call of Jesus and hear him I do. When I was working I was open to hear the negativity and I certainly heard that (loud and clear and participated in it I am sorry to say!) I am open to the encouragement and support  of  family and friends. I think this being open thing is good and bad. In many areas of my life I have been open (not always in a positive way)and sometimes not open at all. Isn’t this why parents  encourage their children to hang out with ‘good kids’ vs. ‘bad’ ones? Isn’t this why we seek positive, happy people and not scowling miserable people?

I digress. This is about my future as a retired person. These thoughts, however, have merit to me. I still need to be open to the ‘good’ opportunities before me instead of dwelling on negativity or fear. I am not kidding myself to believe that it will be all hearts and flowers in the years to come. No, I am certain I will have my setbacks, disappointments, and failures. I believe that it will be with the ‘attitude of the possibilities’  that will propel me forward. Yes, I am the glass half full person. It has actually done me well over the years. This is one of the reasons I decided to retire earlier than I had planned. I was turning into that scowling miserable person too often. I had allowed myself to let the work environment divert me from that half full person to that half empty soul.  I had to take a leap of faith and be open to the possibilities of what might lie before me.

I am ready!


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