The Good Life

It has been almost three weeks since I retired. My job, and all that went with it, are becoming faded memories.  While I do think about my co-workers  and wonder how they are getting along, I do not think about the job at all!  My days are now filled with with Thommmee, sewing, crafting, people, and all other manner of staying busy. I am cooking again  and it feels good!

2014-01-29 19.12.40 (2)

I am even taking  pleasure in some housekeeping duties. When Thommmee retired, we had agreed that he would take over most of the household chores. He has done a pretty darn good job of it, I must say! It did make those last years of work much easier. I knew that he had his own way of doing things. The laundry, shopping, and housekeeping were done on his strict schedule. My concerns that he would resist change were unnecessary. We have seemed to taken on the duties we enjoy most (although this will likely be a work in progress). For now, at least, things are going very well. I also thought I would want to take charge and ‘do it my way’ but I don’t.  All of a sudden, I am not so concerned about those corners remaining so spotless anymore. Huh! Who knew???

2014-01-28 13.56.24 (2)


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