Treasures and sights

Another antique excursion! We headed to Riverside, CA to see what treasures might await us. The downtown area has really changed since I lived there.

images (6)

Although there are many old historic buildings throughout the downtown area, the famous Mission Inn Hotel is perhaps the most notable .

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untitled (4)

It was the place to attend prom and other formal occasions during my high school and college years.  A spectacular place for a wedding is the St. Francis Chapel which boasts an altar  25 feet tall by 16 feet across, carved from cedar and completely covered in gold leaf . President Richard and Pat Nixon  were married there!

imagesVBKN8PO9 (2)

Some famous visitors of the Mission Inn  include Elizabeth Taylor and Amelia Earhart although the list if notables is extensive..   I have enclosed a link if your would like to read more about the hotel, plan a day trip, or consider this four star hotel for your vacation or wedding.

After  many years of neglect, the entire downtown  has been revitalized. The area is great place for antique shopping, one of a kind shops, and  lunch on the mall or one of the other nearby local restaurants.

We had a great afternoon.

2014-02-18 11.52.21                                                                            2014-02-18 13.09.26

Thommmee found this treasure and added to his red glass collection

2014-02-19 20.48.54

We saw some very interesting items a local antique store

2014-02-18 11.56.13

Some I liked more than others……..

2014-02-18 11.55.53

and some not at all……..

2014-02-18 12.24.28

…but that is part of the fun of antique shopping! You just never know what you might see. Later we drove around to check out some of the local sights.

2014-02-18 14.54.14

(Been awhile since I was here!)

2014-02-18 14.50.22

Another great day of retirement. I know they will not always be so filled with adventure  but I am certainly enjoying them now!


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