YouTube & Our Modern Life

As we were enjoying the evening sunset on one of our more recent camping trips , we heard a strange scraping sound. Not sure what to make of it in an otherwise quiet setting, we continued to talk before the task of preparing dinner. The scraping continued. As we looked around to figure out where this annoying sound was coming from, we noticed two young women hunched over at a nearby campsite. The hunching continued as well as the noise. Although we tried  not to stare, it was not long before the women noticed our interest in whatever they were doing. I suggested Thommmee saunter over to see if there was something he might help with (in the camping world this is considered more friendly than nosey). He came back to report they were each attempting to open a can of tuna by repeatedly rubbing it across a rock.  Although he offered to lend them our can opener, they decided to give it a little more time. A short while later they came over to our campsite and admitted defeat. They explained that they saw a YouTube video showing how easy it was to open a can by repeated rubbing across a rock. They had almost no  camping experience so were not prepared with a back up plan. After successfully opening their cans with our conventional can opener they returned to their campsite to enjoy their dinner.


I had almost forgotten this story until today when I was watching a YouTube video of how to make strawberry jam (another story for another day). I was curious about what video had suggested such an idea and found that the CrazyRussianHacker has all kinds of handy videos such as simple life hacks, scientific experiments, zombie survival tips, and how to open a can without a can opener. What was most surprising about the search of ‘opening a can without a can opener’  is that there were so many links on this topic! (I wonder why????)


On a more serous note-YouTube videos are great for so many reasons. I really love them for sewing tips, craft ideas, how to projects-the list is endless. You can find heartwarming stories (God made a dog ), some are informative (, some make us cry (I fought For You , and others are just funny (learning the game of Flappy Bird .

YouTube has become a part of our modern life. In times past we went to the library for a book on minor car repairs, went to the hardware store to pick the brain of the “helpful hardware man” for our DIY projects or bought a ‘how to’ book a our local bookstore. Now a quick internet search and we have a video at our fingertips showing us whatever we want to know in complete detail.

As for the opening a can on a rock….the so called experts say this can be done on concrete (I did not see anything about rocks). Good information I guess but I do plan to keep that can opener nearby-just in case.

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