Time, retirement, & life

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I recently commented to my son  that time did not seem to move so quickly when I was working! Now the days seem to fly by and I seldom have enough time to accomplish all that I want to do. This past weekend we had two granddaughters to visit. During their two-day stay, we  shopped, cooked homemade pizza, made two batches of strawberry jam, decoupaged  jars, painted wooden birdhouses, watched four movies while snuggled on the couch, went to church, and visited with more family before we dropped the girls off .  I think they were ready to go, and well, I guess Thommmee and I were ready too. We came home and took a nap!

It seems like most of our days are like that. We often have a family birthday party or some other event to attend or some project going on at home.  Thommmee is painting the house and the yards are getting a spruce up at the same time. (We have not even started on our vegetable garden yet!) We have managed to get to the gym at least three times every week (no small feat). I have a boutique coming up in less than two weeks so have been busy sewing-doll clothes, aprons, banners, and a few other assorted items .  All of this has not left enough time for much of anything else!

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I hate to sound like a cliché, but I have no idea how I found time for a full-time job. I do know that I do not miss working at a ‘real’ job and love the life of a retiree. It is  an amazing feeling to know your time is your own and you can choose to do something-or choose not to. Although I was fortunate enough to be a full-time mom for some years, and a busy working mom of five  for many years (and we know a mom is always very busy), this is different. I love being home, staying busy in many ways, visiting with people, and most of all, spending time with Thommmee! Life is different now. As I have moved into this phase of my life, I find life is new and fresh!  A former co-worker told she is retiring in a few days. I cautioned her that she is going to love it!!

So ( if I may) offer a few words of ‘advice’ in regards to retirement. My suggestions are:

1.  Save! You are not going to care about the one more pair of shoes or purse or dinner out.

2.  Money is not everything. Most of us can do with a bit less.

3. Have faith. I believe that God has taken incredible care of me up to this point. He has given me the tools I need so I will allow myself to trust  that He will not abandon me now (this was the hardest for me).

4. Realize your priorities. Wherever you are in life, figure out what is really important and don’t waste time on the things that are not.

5.  Be kind.  It is really easier than we might think (still trying )!

6.  No regrets.  Don’t hold on to past mistakes or injustices. When I am nearing the end of my life I hope I will not worry about what might have been (at least that is the plan).

7. Love (or at least like a lot). I have found that it is the people in my life that make the difference.

8. Embrace change with open arms or change where you are doing!

9.  Appreciate and be thankful.


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 Life is good!



2 thoughts on “Time, retirement, & life

  1. Jan, I think that you have about said it all on the topic of retirement. So soon you have found it joyous and as well have discovered a special chapter on the road of life. Here’s to you and your family as your prospects only widen while you continue to develop who you are.


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