Do It Yourself

Have you ever had to watch your husband, significant other , or father “fix” something? If they are out of their area of expertise, it can be quite painful for the observer (or the gopher). I can remember my mom suffering through the home improvement projects that my father took on-some with more success than others. Not everyone has the fix it gene.

Things have not changed much (except no You Tube videos for my dad). When our dryer stopped heating, I suggested Thommmee try watching a YouTube video and see if he could fix it himself rather than spend the money calling out a repair tech. Reluctantly he agreed and was pleasantly surprised to find it did not look that difficult. He jumped online and ordered the part (which took a week to arrive while the laundry piled higher). The part came today just before I got home. I walked in to find the dryer pulled apart and him cursing up a storm.

2014-04-01 17.05.45

I tried to help where I could but mostly just tried to stay out of the way.

2014-04-01 17.04.48

I offered to get the Swiffer to clean the inside but that suggestion was not met favorably. (He finally got the hand-held vacuum and took care of business). Other than handing him a few key items, he managed to replace the igniter without much difficulty. I swept up and before you knew it mission accomplished. The dryer is working. A load of clothes is busily washing away and we will soon have a load of clothes in the dryer (and clean socks).

thI am so proud of Thommmee. I really thought he could do it-and he did!


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