Blessings, sorrows, & thankfullness

We just returned from a fabulous road trip to the Midwest. We were blessed with amazing weather and a great time with family and friends. Returning Sunday night, we were saddened to see the reports of devastation caused by the tornadoes which hit areas of the Midwest and South. The path, in part, followed a route we had covered a few day earlier.

Route of tornados

Route of tornadoes

We saw some beautiful country and towns along our journey which included driving through Little Rock and Northeast Texas. We met some wonderful people as we passed through and are so heartbroken to see how they are now suffering such losses.  I had planned to blog about our trip today but my heart is just not in it  as I watch the news reports of these tragedies.

God continues to bless our lives. Thommmee and I offer prayers to those who were devastated by these events.


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