Road trip: Arizona

Thommmee and I visited Arizona during our recent road trip. We love road trips and often head to the Midwest to visit family. We have tried various routes, seen different things…… just enjoy the drive with time to talk and relax without the distractions of life. The big difference with this recent trip is that I had no deadlines and no workday awaiting me! Travel is great but the one thing that does not change……

there is no place like home!

Arizona is an interesting and diverse place to visit. Yes, they have deserts………

Painted Desert National Park

Painted Desert National Park

and tress………..

2014-04-14 12.34.00

and cactus

Saguaro Cactus

Saguaro Cactus

Many of the cactus have incredible blooms in the spring………

desert blooms

Desert flower

 Oh…and don’t forget the Grand Canyon.


 Upon crossing the Arizona/California border is


Colorado River border

Colorado River border

2014-04-14 09.47.25

In Southern California ‘the river’  means the Colorado River. Water is a somewhat of a novelty to us. Southern California is basically a desert (well, we do have a great big ocean but that is different). The second thing you notice is the price of gasoline. In California we have something called “boutique” gas which runs up to $1.00 per gallon more than in most other states. WOW!

We had a chance to visit Tombstone, Arizona (Thommmee loves the old west). This town has maintained the western history and feel of times gone by. Cute place with many restaurants, old west shops, original buildings…….

2014-04-26 11.55.26

interesting characters…….

2014-04-26 12.35.55

and sites……..

.Tombstone, AZ

……including a stagecoach ride around town

2014-04-26 12.25.36

 So, hit the road, you never know what awaits you around the next corner!

Happy Trails



4 thoughts on “Road trip: Arizona

  1. Thanks for your comments! Yes, it was a fun place to visit. We also visited the nearby town of Bisbee. So much to see. We will ne back to do more exploring!


  2. Great photos! Tombstone is fun… I did a post not too long ago about Tombstone. We stayed in a cabin close by. How about all the bullet holes from years gone by?


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