Roadtrip: Amarillo, Texas

We have been to Amarillo several times. It is a good stopping place on our road trips to the Midwest. We usually stay here someplace  along Interstate 40, have a quick meal and call it a day before heading out early the next morning. On our most recent trip, however, we decided to have a nice dinner at a local icon;

The Big Texan Steakhouse.

 2014-04-15 17.45.23

We had passed this interesting place many times but had considered it to be a bit ‘cheesy’ and had never considered eating there. My brother had given it a thumbs up and after seeing a review of the restaurant on some food or travel channel, Thommmee and I had decided to give it a try.


The Big Texan offers a “free” 72 ounce steak-if you can eat it all (including the fixings) within one hour.


This is part of the novelty which makes this place so unique.

2014-04-15 17.42.43

They have a center stage table set up for those with enough courage Or appetite to give it a try.


You are required to pay the $72 in advance for the challenge and are reimbursed if you are successful in completing the entire meal within the allotted time. We were disappointed no one was giving it a try while we were there.

We settled for the regular steak dinner which was fantastic!

2014-04-15 17.04.43

Yeah, it was a touristy kind of place but fun.

2014-04-15 17.25.46

While I am hardly a restaurant reviewer, I would suggest stopping by should you find yourself in Amarillo. They also provide free limo service to and from the restaurant,  have a hotel, brewery, gift shop, and various other sites to see.

I guess  it is true…they really like to do things big in Texas!


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