Sew On!

Tomorrow I  must make a decision regarding my good friend.

My sewing machine.


I have worked this machine hard.


I have stitched, zig zagged, zipped, and zapped and now it needs a good tune up…..


or maybe it is time to be replaced.


I called a local service center and tomorrow I am taking this trusty machine in for a look-see. She says there is a good trade-in credit given if I decide to buy a new machine…

Time to upgrade?

…or possibly it may just need some adjustments.


Either way, I  feel a bit lost as I packed up today…


…in preparation for a short road trip tomorrow.


Maybe they don’t make them like they used to.


Maybe I really want a new fancy machine.

I like bells and whistles.

I like to save money.

Can I made a sensible decision??


One thing is for certain….

I will keep on sewing!


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