Return from Quartzite

We got back from Quartzite last night. It was a whirlwind trip. We had a great time visiting the cousins and participating in the craft fair. It was a beautiful day, full of sun and the promised mid 70’s temperatures.


(yep, pardner, it was a western theme)

 We enjoyed the beautiful sunrise,


visiting with family, and eating (way too much)! The only thing missing was…well..customers!


(cousins holding down the fort!)

That’s right. Not much in the way of buyers and only a few lookers (unless you count the other lonely venders). We had plenty of time to check out the other interesting, creative, beautiful, and some a little weird items other sellers had displayed. I had to resist becoming a buyer of a beer can wind whirly thingee…


as well as a beautifuly stitched quilt.  I had plenty of time to compare prices and exchange ideas with other sewers and crafters.

With that in mind and the time spent with my cousins-chatting away and enjoying the sunshine-although disappointed-I had a great time! Thommmee had fun too. We always love a good road trip so the 3 hour drive coming and going was also fun.


Quartzite has much to offer if you are just passing through or looking for a place to park your RV. Get out and explore or just enjoy the beauty of the desert. There is a bunch of that!


Head on down on your next visit to Arizona and enjoy the wide open spaces!

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