The wonder of a child

We all know that Christmas brings a special delight to children. You often hear about the wonder of a child-see a picture of a child gazing at a tree, a start, a gift, or Santa.  Children  are excited about the upcoming big event, lined up to see Santa, or checking out the massive toy displays and decorations at the mall.


…the wonder and excitement of a child happens every day. As young kids explore the world around them, they are fascinated with everything (well… maybe not so much as they grow older ).

I had the opportunity to watch our youngest granddaughter for a few hours this week. We got a break from the much needed rain in California so outside we went.


I barely got her off of the front porch before she was busy exploring. She was excited by the fallen (and wet) leaves on the ground.

(how do they squat like that???)


She was enthralled with the rocks along the path.


and the joy of each little thing she found.



… the wonder of a child and it is not even Christmas yet!

I can hardly wait!

Oh…when I got home I saw…


…the wonder of the cat!

Probably wondering when I am going to get around to putting up the tree and decorations!

(Soon…really soon…)


6 thoughts on “The wonder of a child

  1. Aren’t little children just the most wonderful creations! You have captured that intense interest in the world they have – and that squat! I love it!! Can you imagine how we would be as adults if we had an iota of that intense love for and interest in the world? Wow!! Beautiful post 🙂

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