Christmas is coming…

Last week I was happily sewing and singing Christmas carols when a friend shocked me into reality  with the words, “Christmas is only 3 weeks away.”


Well that snapped me into shape!! I took a look of the mess around me…


…like Christmas ornaments sitting everywhere-except where they were supposed to be…


…and the chaos of my sewing room.



I decided to get busy. I got a few gifts wrapped…


…then wrapped a few more…


I then decorated the tree.


I hustled about the house with visions of Christmas cookies in my head. Next weekend  two of the granddaughters are coming over to help bake. I am super excited to have their help and spend time with them.

Then the unthinkable happened…


…our oven quit!

The repairman said it would be about $350 to repair (something about an electronic ignition and a computer board!?) and since it was 13 years old, we may need to think about getting a new stove.

What! Are you kidding! We have about 25 people coming for Christmas Eve dinner!!

So…off we went to find a new one…


…and we did. Nothing fancy, just a basic stove and oven which will be here in time for Christmas and Christmas cookie baking.


Guess I know what I am getting for Christmas this year!

(and I am very happy)

Happy baking.

Christmas blessing to you all.


16 thoughts on “Christmas is coming…

  1. I stopped by this morning to quickly let you know your package arrived safely and in excellent condition. More on that later. But you post could have been written by me. My place looks just like that. I’ve been home almost a week and a half and still looks like Christmas doesn’t know where to go. I’ve never had Christmas or any holiday in this house so It’s a mystery. I have more stuff than time and places to put it. I have a quilt top to finish before Tuesday and have done no gift shopping – at all! I need to get things mailed by Monday. If my daughter hadn’t baked while I was away, there would be nothing in the tins. So don’t feel too bad. I think a lot of us are in the same boat. Maybe next year is my mantra. 🙂

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  2. Hi Nancy. Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate your follow and kind words. I will be headed over to stonecropsister very soon to revisit your lovely blog.


  3. You know I am going to have to say that I am glad it wasn’t your sewing machine that quit – as I’m pretty sure I know what you were busy making…. 🙂

    Isn’t it amazing that something that is just 13 years old is past its best. I guess that is electronics for you! Your tree looks very pretty and well done with the wrapping too.

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