Saying hello to the new year

Ok…I admit it…I am tired. The holidays were fabulous. We had a wonderful time with family and friends. We ate too much. I blew my healthy eating and did not exercise. I gained an undetermined number of pounds. We cooked, baked, ate, and cooked some more. We wrapped and unwrapped packages. Attended multiple celebrations.  I even threw in a few naps and did not manage to get up until well after sunrise most days.

It has been cold in Southern California. They say this will be the coldest Rose Parade in 100 years. We won’t be going and I may not even see in on TV. I was thinking of going to the gym New Years Day-you know-first day of the new year and all that.

Probably won’t happen.

The sun is out today so decided to see what was going on outside. We have been tucked into a cozy warm house with the heater on and other than mandatory outings, I have not ventured outside much since Christmas.

 The lemons are still growing.


 The violets are surviving the cold.


The cactus doesn’t seem to have any problems with motivation.


The cat grass looks lush.


(The kitties will be happy.)


The succulents are thriving.


 A few flowers are hanging in there.

wpid-20141231_154645.jpgAs for me, I will eat my black-eyed peas for good luck on New Years Day.


 I will soon pull myself off of the couch and venture out.

The gym and I will become reconnected and those extra pounds will disappear.

th (2)

(Maybe I can even get rid of a couple of extra ones too.)

The candy is gone,


and the cookies have been eaten or ready to be tossed


It is time. 2014 was a fantastic year.


I can’t wait to see what awaits me this next year.


Welcome 2015!!

I’m ready.


15 thoughts on “Saying hello to the new year

  1. Now that was a great idea-leaving the candy at your quilt group. Wish I would have thought of something like that- before I ate it all! Happy New Year to you too.


  2. Happy New Year! I loved this. My son sent a text that said where he was registered 26 degrees at 2 a.m. (high desert Santa Clarita area) Neighbors dogs woke him. All I could think was the Rose Parade was going to be very cold this morning I watched a bit from the warmth of my sofa while trying to catch up on reading and writing. Black eyed peas are a cultural thing in certain parts of this country. I have never indulged as I’m not from around these parts. You made me laugh at the thought of going to the gym. I looked them up this morning to see about a membership. Haven’t dialed the phone yet. 🙂 I left my candy at quilt group. They love chocolate. It’s a quilting supply you know. Thanks for the giggle.

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  3. Hmmmmm….. don’t know.😀 I just scarf down a few beans and call it a day. 😊 But then what do I know! ! I have really enjoyed your fabulous recipes keep posting. I look forward to 2015 and sharing ideas and recipes with you.

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  4. Love all your pictures. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to more in 2015. Stay warm – we’re freezing in NorCal as well.

    Black eyed peas – I’ve never been able to develop a taste for them. Dad always made a pot for New Years. Since venturing out on my own, I’ve made a big pot of red beans and ham (saved from Christmas) to start off the New Year. Does that count?

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  5. I am with you on the black eyed peas and heres to a most excellent and joyful 2015. Hopefully it won’t get too cold for you guys as you are like we Aussies, used to warmer things ;). Happy New Year and good luck at the guy. I just sold our treadmill and along with it, my dreams of fitting into size 10 (probably your size -0 😉 ) jeans forever…I am going to have to shackle myself to Earl the wonderdog on a daily basis and come hell or high water I shall fit through that doorway again! 😉

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  6. Although I don’t believe in superstitions (such as eating black eyed peas for good luck), it is something we have done since my youth. Many of my friends and my family have done this and some still do it (like me). I have no idea where this comes from. Perhaps an idea for another blog posting….. 😊

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  7. Ahhhh… the black eyed peas! Something we started doing when we were kids. It is suppose to bring good luck if you eat them on the 1st day of the new year. I’m not a superstitious person. It’s just kind of a fun thing and a tradition at this point. Probably one of those old wives tales or urban legends!

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  8. Happy New Year Jan! Yours is the third blog I have read today which mentions eating black eyed peas for luck and I have never heard this before. Do you know why and where this comes from, I am most curious 🙂 I hope your year brings the best of everything and I look forward to following along with your adventures 🙂

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