Kitchen remodel; part 1

We are off and running (well, slowly walking) with our kitchen project. Poor Thommmee does not know if he is coming or going. He likes to focus on one small task at a time while I like to keep the big picture in sight.

He was anxious to paint the ceiling. After all of his hard work cleaning off the popcorn, it seemed to him the most logical next step. I thought we should select the wall color first but he was adamant that he was painting it white!

It will be a white ceiling.

Halfway through the painting, we realized we would should have the electrician out. (sigh) You have to remember we are complete novices at this. Although I am trying to research everything I can find, I expect we will have a huge learning curve.

We are getting two estimates and waiting to hear from a third. In the meantime we are faced with this mess:


While we wait,  I decided to take some of the advice I came across and select a sample of paint to try. The  idea is get a sample, paint a part of the wall and see how it looks during various times of the day. Great idea!  I thought a buttery cream/yellow would look so nice.


I hated it.

(I also hated to cover my lovely stencils!)

Back to the drawing board. Wow! This is harder than I thought. We decided  to try the palest gray since we have stainless steel appliances.


Winner. We both loved it.


We had to keep in mind the darker floor we had chosen (and even agreed upon).


We then stopped to look at cabinet hardware and may have decided on this reasonably priced handle.


And of course we will need to match the hinges.


While we were exploring Home Depot we found this little item and just couldn’t help laughing (sorry if I offended anyone)


(a lighted toilet seat???)

I think we will pass on this.

So…back to the electricians.


The first  guy got it the worse. Since I had no clue of pricing, what to expect, or what questions/options were available in our budget, I was looking for a little education.  He was just not comfortable with that. He wanted us to tell him exactly what we wanted. I could not get any information on pricing or real suggestions from him. That made it difficult because of the many options out there. Tract lights, recessed lighting, pendants….I just could not tell him what I wanted until I knew  the differences in prices. He had a great review on Yelp but was not a good educator. This morning I emailed him pictures of what I think I want. Waiting to hear back.

The next guy was full of ideas. He explored many options, prices ranges, and was very creative. I liked that. I think we might use him but still waiting for the other estimate.  The third guy is supposed to come tomorrow but I may cancel him. Not sure.

So all in all things are going well. It will be a slow process. Thanks for all the support and encouragement!

Until next time…from….

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17 thoughts on “Kitchen remodel; part 1

  1. Wow! That is a story….a story I hope never to tell. Ha ha!! 😄 It is good you kept your sense of humor and were able to laugh about it years later. I hope we don’t have so much to laugh about 😊. Thank you so much for coming by, your enthusiasm, and your encouragement.

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  2. Your story reminds me of my own kitchen remodel years ago. All we wanted to do was replace the very old cabinets, but once the old ones were torn out, we thought it would be a good idea to repaint the walls. But the beautiful walls showed us how ratty and old the linoleum floor was, so we replaced that. And when the cabinet guy came in, he needed an electrician to move some wires around to properly install the stove. Then the electrician pointed out there was only one outlet for the whole kitchen, and asked if we wanted a couple more, which we did. But then he noticed the wiring was old and unsafe, so he suggested we replace the piece from the fusebox to the kitchen, and we agreed. When he got to the fusebox, he realized (after some research) that it was from Canada (we lived near the border) and did not meet U.S. requirements and had to be replaced!

    It turned out to be an enormous project and so expensive compared to our original plan. But good, in the end, because the kitchen was beautiful and safe and up to code. And… I get to tell a story about it. 😉

    Here’s hoping that your adventure is something you will both laugh about when it’s all over. You will love your new kitchen.

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  3. Paint colors are the hardest! I remember wanting to paint my kitchen yellow… and the same thing happened… It didn’t work in my space. Hoping the lighted toilet doesn’t come to your kitchen. HA HA HA 😀 ;D


  4. You are up and running and not insane yet, I think that pushes you out of the “complete novice” range and into “Junior renovator”. Well done on deciding a colour for your walls that you both agree on…it was paper, rock, scissors all the way here! 😉

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  5. Your encouragement and enthusiasm are so appreciated! It’s good to know others have survived this. After 26 years of marriage I wouldn’t want this to be the thing that did us in. Ha ha! Sounds like you had taken on a bigger project with sub floors! Whew!!


  6. I’ve been where you are and never want to go back again. Did a whole 2800 sq. ft house from subfloors up to the roof. 13 years and we stayed married through it. I ended up with white walls and ceilings. Here too. I can change everything with white walls. But I wasn’t remodeling to keep the house, just to get it sold. I like the electrician that wasn’t afraid to give you options. Hear out the third one then go with your gut. I wish you luck with this endeavor. You also have my deepest sympathy. 🙂

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  7. We are never too old to learn! I surely thought I would be older but wiser at this point in my life. I really learned the paint thing the hard way. Our bedroom is bright blue and our bathroom is bright yellow ( slow learner)–a little too much so in both cases. I should have done the swatches. I was reminded of this lesson when I was researching! I have a tendency to lean towards the extreme anyway so I usually have to force myself to tone things down somewhat . I think I were part of the younger generation today, I probably would have died my hair bright blue or pink . Ha ha!!


  8. It’s amazing what you will learn from this whole process – in time to come when you read that someone likes a paint colour and is ‘buying without trying’ you will raise your leraned eyebrow and intone ‘Really?’ I once decided to paint my window frames yellow [yes, you heard that right, I’m a little bit Bohemian remember!] They were all painted three times gradually getting lighter and lighter until I ended up with what I wanted, months later and substantially poorer than I needed to be. That was when I learned about painting swatches. 🙂 I like the handles! The toilet seat I’ll pass on 🙂

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  9. Love the lighted toilet seat! Too funny. Does it help the the “aim”? All kidding aside, you are smart to get sample paints. I might just have to do the same. I’ve been wanting to paint the kitchen, and that’s a good idea!

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