The wind…the rain…and the elements

In Southern California we get wind. I am talking some serious wind. These winds are dry. They increase the fire danger and wreak havoc on highways. They topple big rigs and RVs take cover. They knock down power lines and trees. They kick up dust and dirt.  They come roaring through canyons  This phenomenon is known as the Santa Ana  winds. They are sometimes called ‘Devil Winds.’ Santa Anas usually blow in the fall or spring but are known to pop up any time. Next to rain, the are probably the most talked about weather condition in these parts.

We recently experienced several days of Santa Ana winds with speeds of about 50 mph and wind gusts of 89 mph. Sometimes more they are worse.  Most of us don’t like the wind much. They can keep you up at night as you listen to the howling outside. Waking up the next morning you can expect a mess outside but hesitate to even attempt a clean up for most certainly they will start up again.


We have lost awnings, a glass patio table, plants, and shingles due to the winds. Nothing quite like waking up to the sound of shattered glass as your patio table is tossed about and destroyed. You never know what to expect.

 It is a bit difficult to photograph the wind!





Well…you get the idea

Our wind chimes were going crazy.


The plants were getting beat up.


But surviving.


The nice thing about the wind is the beautiful blue skies that are left behind.



(see the mountains in the background?)

As quickly as they started they are gone!

The winds died down and have been replaced by partly cloudy skies.


It seems we are in for rain. WOW! The weather forecasters must been excited to have so much to talk about. (Things can get pretty dull around here when it comes to weather with all that sunshine). Nothing like a little rain on the horizon get them hopping with news about what ifs, traffic, percentages, and the morning commute.


At least we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset.



That is life in Southern California!

The wind…the rain…and the elements…

aren’t those the words to a song?


18 thoughts on “The wind…the rain…and the elements

  1. We are on the east coast of Australia, about ninety minutes south of Sydney. Our apartment block is sandwiched between a links (beach) golf course and a mountain escarpment. I can count the still days on one hand! The wind funnels through and howls around. I remember reading Annie Proulx, The Shipping News years ago, and now I often think of her descriptions of Newfoundland’s winds – but of course our weather is much warmer.

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  2. And sunny days are always appreciated! Especially in the middle of winter. I know so little about Australia. Blogging certainly is an education. Thanks. I would hope to visit your delightful country someday. It sounds so diverse, beautiful, and interesting! 😊

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  3. We get the roaring 40’s but they are pretty much every day and not destructive. We tend to get our destructive winds in winter around here but they don’t match the Santa Anna’s most of the time. Like Ms Pauline, I think your conditions look a lot like ours here in Australia. We can have really sunny days in the middle of winter.

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  4. I will never leave here. I’ve lived all over the world and this country. My daughter is here, my sister and now my son. I can live with the dark days by brightening up my life. Oregon City is a relatively small community on the outskirts of the big city. i have the benefits of both. 🙂 Once all the unpacking is done, we will have time to enjoy each other. It’s all good.

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  5. I know how bad these winds can get in the desert. We love to go camping during the winter out in the high desert and it has ruined a few trips over the years. It must be so nice to have your son home! I have some dear friends who live in the Portland area and I have been up there a few times. What a lovely city and area it is. You must really be enjoying the cooler weather, the lack of winds and the beautiful scenery that Oregon provides. Now you will have him to enjoy it with you.😊 One of my friends really complains about the lack of sunshine She’s always talking about coming back to Southern California. The other loves it to pieces and would never leave. Well, I hope the unloading goes easily for him and that the weather continues to remain nice for the tasks ahead.

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  6. My son just moved from the high desert outside LA to my home in Portland OR. I had lived in Burbank for 20 years and hated the Santa Ana’s. The high desert got them worse than at the foothills in Burbank. I always say the wind messes with my ions as I get quite unsettled when they blow. Hope you are getting a break from them soon.

    We get winds here once in a while but NOTHING like you get. I do miss the sunshine but not the pace or the oppressive heat and wind. So far the weather was kind for his move up. He made it and his pods made it. Now to unload.:(

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  7. When we lived in Southern Nevada; I hated the Southern California winds – they would come up the 5; through the narrows along the pass, and then belt us but good with dust storms! After a while, you wondered why you even bothered to clean house, there was a fine layer of dessert sand on everything. Don’t miss those days.

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  8. One of the perks to Southern California winters is that we have unexpected days of pure sunny joy! I love learning about other places, the people, and the culture. With such a big world it is amazing that most of us face the same challenges and similar experiences-like the wind, rain, and the elements! In the fall when the temps soar and the winds blow we become pretty bedraggled also and the brown burned hillsides become a very common sight. I can relate.

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  9. We get those winds here too. We just call them ‘the nor’westers’ being the prosaic, antipodean lot that we are! 🙂 I live in an area where they are not so common – or at least, were not so common, as we have had a couple of strikes this year already. Hot, drying howling winds that pull all the moisture from the soil and leave plants bedraggled and fields brown and people decidedly raggedy in appearance and feeling!

    It’s amazing to me that you are supposed to be living in winter! Your photos could have been taken here, where we are enjoying the best summer in over a decade! Except for those darn winds…….

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