Kitchen remodel; part 2

The remodel is coming along very slowly. After clearing off the popcorn ceiling, we had to wait on the electrician to replace the lighting. This task was a bit out of Thommmee’s comfort zone.


We went with the first guy. He and his father had their own company. I liked that. Not only could he afford to bid competitively, he was a bit of a perfectionist.


It took him four visits to get things to his liking and he took his time to get it just right.


Next we painted the kitchen the very pale gray we had decided upon.

(We had a little helper)


We are pretty happy so far.


(The antique washstand will find a new place in our home)

We then began the laborious task of scrubbing down the cabinets and switching out the hardware.


Little did I know I would have to hold each cabinet door while Thommmee drilled holes .


This was probably the most boring part!  The new on the left and the old above the fridge.

(very subtle but effective)


Of course I then felt compelled to clean out each cabinet as we went along and this took some time.


Home Depot has become our home away from home. That and many other stores as we search for just the right items!

(still searching)

Next was to replace the lighting over the kitchen sink.


Thommmee decided to start this project while I was cleaning up breakfast dishes!


Before you knew it the light was replaced!


While he was busy, I worked on painting a mirror we have hanging.







(Now what to put in that huge space!)

There were also minor changes that needed to be made.

From this…

wpid-20150131_174236.jpg…to this


We still have to decide on window coverings, what to do with the eat-in area of the kitchen, build some shelving, floor, dishwasher…

Until next time, from

2014-01-29 19.12.40 (2)


14 thoughts on “Kitchen remodel; part 2

  1. It always feels so good to make things fresh and new. Cleaning out cabinets as you go does wonders for the soul. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference in a redo but having fun while doing it is the biggest bonus. Been there. Looking forward to seeing it progress.

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  2. Hi Jan, Wow, this looks like a ton of work. what’s it like in your house mood-wise when all this is going on? do you find it stressful at all? I can’t say I have ever been a fan of remodelling because of the less than good moods it can cause for everyone!! xx Nancy

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