Waiting for something or someone…although I do have more patience than I did when I was younger, waiting has been challenging for me at times. I guess that might be said for most of us. As kids we waited excitedly for Christmas or birthdays or summer break. Perhaps the wait was fun because these were such big events in our little lives. It must have been difficult but looking back it seems like half of the fun was the anticipation.

As we grew older we continued to wait. Summer vacation still loomed before us but perhaps in a different way. I loved school so summer vacation meant I waited for summer school to start. We would take classes during the summer so we could take more electives during the regular school year. Usually it would be a history class-which I did eagerly wait for so that I could take two choir classes in the fall. I definitely looked forward to that! I waited to be with my friends during school. Summers were long and hot in Southern California and in those days most people did not have air conditioning and we did not take many vacations. We waited to turn sixteen, getting our drivers license, dating, weekends, school football games, and dances. We waited for graduation. (Turning eighteen was not such a big deal because if you lived at home you were still under your parents rule). Getting your first apartment,  your first job, your first car-now that was something to wait for!

After high school we waited to begin college, begin a career and find a life partner (not necessarily in that order). We then waited to become a wife and mother. Some of us pursued our careers-some of use chose to stay home as full-time or working mothers. Waiting for each child…waiting for that first day of school…the cycle continued but now we were waiting for our children to reach their own milestones and we were  seeing the world (a very different world) through their eyes.

Now waiting became an entire new concept. Waiting to feed our families, waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting for bedtime (because we were so exhausted), waiting for school to be out, to pick up kids from soccer practice or other activities (because kids can’t walk anywhere now). Now I waited for them, report cards, drivers licenses, graduations, college and the world goes on.

All too soon I was waiting for them to move out, get a job,  get married,


start a career-or both-or something! I waited to become a grandmother and to then figure out what I am doing with the rest of my life! Have I waited long enough to pursue a career-or continue an old one, will I celebrate a milestone anniversary or will marriage survive the changes?

I have waited a long time to begin my life anew. For some it might look different. For me it is retirement and spending time with those I care about (and especially Thommmee).  I don’t seem to be waiting so much these days.


I am  actually living  and appreciating life in ways I never dreamed of. Waiting now is a time of peace. I could be a bit saddened to think of how much time was wasted waiting when I was younger but you know what? I am not. I loved the waiting. I loved the anticipation of life around the corner and while I may have not known it at the time-that was life! Now this is life. Waiting for a flower to unfold,


the spring blossoms,


waiting for one of the kids to call and interrupt my sewing, waiting to grab my camera to catch that magnificent sunset,


waiting to put on my comfy slippers,


or to sip my morning coffee,


or to take my cake out of the oven.


I love waiting to spend time with the grandkids.


Do you know what…

it was worth the wait!

I forgot to mention…

I am waiting for the birth of our newest grandson who is due at any minute!

27 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Thank you Nancy! Your words are so sweet and so appreciated. The topic had been rolling around in my head for some time as I was waiting for the new baby. I hope that retirement will bring you as much joy as it did me or shall I say it does me! I can really appreciate that waiting for the right time to make this big decision is probably very difficult. I moved my date up about a year and a half before I had planned to retire and I never regretted it for a moment. I always appreciate your thoughtful and insightful words both in your comments and on your blog!


  2. Hi Jan,
    what a wonderful topic for a post. I love how you touch on the big moments of waiting, but the little things too. It all adds up, doesn’t it? I think this idea of ‘waiting’ is in every woman’s life, and probably men as well. But reading through your poignant post, it was such a reminder and a mirror of my younger days. Now I wait as well, looking ahead to retirement. I never thought I would be ready, but I am. I wonder how many of us are content in our waiting for whatever. If we are able to go with the flow, and just be in the moment? I’ve never been able to quite get to that place. Anyway, wonderful post, thanks so much for sharing it with us. xx Nancy

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  3. Thanks so much. It is weird time was so much different back then and I actually felt like I was sort of rushing through it. Waiting for this baby has kind of made me stop and reflect. It must be because of where I am in my life right now because I didn’t feel the same way when the other 12 were born!!!! Yes, I am blessed beyond belief and I am grateful with all my heart.

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  4. You’ve really made me think here. 🙂 I like how you break it down into stages of life.

    I have always been so busy with life that waiting wasn’t such an issue…after I finished high school. Once I could leave home, every day was one to be lived fully with great regard. Someone will ask me when something transpired. I have no concept of time for the most part. Somehow, for me, time is different. I’ve always enjoyed the new markers but miss what was, just a little. I know how many years I was married or how old my children are and that I only had my mother close for one year but that’s because I write those things down. Time is so elusive and malleable.

    Congrats on the new grand baby. You are so blessed to have them. Maybe in my next lifetime. Loved the dog snuggling the child. Warms my heart.

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  5. What an amazing post! Waiting… yes we all have done some sort of waiting and perhaps the waiting still goes on. However, in my retirement I feel time is passing by soooooooo fast! Since my sweet, sweet man and I have been together we have found ourselves to be extremely active! When I finish the day and get ready for bed… I can not believe all that we have done.
    Congratulations on your new grandchild!! How exciting!!

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  6. I see that you included a picture of the coffee cup that one of your dearest friends gave you. Sometimes I still get wrapped up in anticipation, when I really know that everything will happen in its own good time. Thanks for reminding me.

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  7. You said it so perfectly! Now life does happen so quickly I barely noticed it coming much less have time to wait for it. Everyday is a new adventure and I’m constantly reminded how much I am enjoying this part of my life. Perhaps this is why I am so anxiously awaiting this new baby, ha ha! I have things to do and I feel like I’m reluctant to get into the middle of anything right now for fear of being called away. Reminder to self…. enjoy the anticipation! Thanks for the well wishes.

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  8. This post reminded me of how much I used to ‘wait’ when I was younger too. I resounded with all your list! 🙂 I recall being very frustrated at some point in my thirties when I realised my life was passing me by and I was forever ‘waiting’ for the next thing to happen….. I was constantly living in the future! Between then and now a huge change has happened and now I find I am rarely in a ‘wait’ state. I am so immersed in what is going on right now I often find the future has arrived without me thinking about it at all! [Which can be its own problem.] I do however still gleefully ‘anticipate’ 🙂

    Congratulations on your next addition – you must be so excited! xo

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