A Woman of Faith

If the topic of faith in God offends you, perhaps you might want to sit this post out. I hope you will endure. It is not that I have anything profound to say, it is just something I want to say.

On my “About” page, I describe myself in many ways-wife, mother, crafter, etc…and a woman of faith. I started thinking-what does this actually mean to me? Like most people I have faith that the sun will come up tomorrow, that I will get in my car and most likely make it from point A to point B, and in general that things I know to be true will likely remain that way.

This might be where we part company (although I hope not).  I believe in God, in Jesus, the Bible-yep the whole nine yards.

So what does a woman of faith mean to me? It means that I try to live my life based on loving one another, to be honest, follow the rules, be a good person, do the right thing…just like most folks-ya think? Absolutely!!  But…I also believe that Jesus was sent by God, born as man, died on a cross, and rose again on the third day. I believe in The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. I believe that He died to save mankind by showing such grace to us all if only we would ask-and believe.  I know that He guides my life, hears my prayers, and forgives me (because I am most certainly not perfect).

Whew!! How do I know this to be true? Faith. For me it is that simple. Yes, I go to church (not necessary), belong to a Bible study (not required), read my Bible (encouraged), and a daily devotional (optional). I do it because I want to, I want to learn, keep my faith strong,  live the life that I was called to live….and maybe…just maybe… be an inspiration to others.

OK…..I am not turning my blog into a platform,  but since I am so willing to share my favorite recipes, goals, projects, and any other thing that pops into my mind, I felt I wanted to share a deeper part of me.

A woman of faith-

just the biggest part of who I am.



24 thoughts on “A Woman of Faith

  1. Hi Jan,
    I am sorry I have been so long in replying to this post. I’ve had too much on my mind lately, but wanted to tell you that it is lovely to read about this part of your journey. I think everyone has a spiritual side, and some of us are traditional church-going folks, and others have different faiths and ways of exploring that type of connection. It is nice to read about yours and you make it open for all of us to talk about it with you. Your blog is really wonderful. xx Nancy

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  2. I am really glad I came over here to say Hi when this one was posted. It’s deeply personal and I think it’s wonderful and amazing that you put it out there with frank and unflinching honesty. I am an atheist, and I know how hard it is to be really at peace with your own belief enough to say it loud and proud, because not everyone else is ready to hear it. Thank you for trusting your readers enough to be your truest self in your blog. ❤

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  3. I appreciate your sweet comments. It is fun to get to know the person behind the blog, I think. I have met so many wonderful people through blogging. I look forward to hearing about your next project!


  4. What a beautiful post. It is nice to learn more about the woman behind the blog. I am not a devout religious person, but do have faith and believe the Bible is the ultimate guide for living a happy, enriched life. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Thank you so much, Fran. You are correct- there can be a bit of uncomfortable squirming on this subject. I have appreciated the respect (and love) I have been shown on this topic and touched by the commonality from so many from so many places. Hugs to you!! ♡

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  6. Sometimes it is hard to open up about faith. It’s much like being vegan in that people start to twitch when you mention it. It comes with a whole lot of baggage that shouldn’t be there. I applaud your sharing Ms Mommermom and thank you for your honesty. Just for the record, I am right there with you on the faith scale 🙂

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  7. God speaks in the language of Love. As long as we are speaking that language, it’s all good. Kindness is the end result of that language. Where there is love and kindness, there is no judgement. You have a huge heart and that’s what’s being read. You are right, it’s too bad we hesitate to speak of our faith these days. It doesn’t diminish it though, does it. 🙂

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  8. Thank you so much for your comments. I was hesitant to make this post but then decided to go for it. I am encouraged by the kindness I have received either by comments or no response. I feared to find hate but instead found warmth. It is a strange world we live in when faith is a topic to be avoided. That being said I have no judgement of others’ beliefs or freedom to speak their mind ( with kindness one would hope). In my old age (☺) I find I respect many points of view and only ask to be allowed to have mine. I hope I make some small difference in this world and to be someday remembered for the person I am striving to be.

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  9. You are welcome… I wish for you only the best in your life, family and ministry. I look forward to many more inspiring testimonies from you….. I am now a follower of your site and my prayers will continue for you..

    God bless you and yours…..

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  10. Your article here has captured me….. it’s simplicity is orchestrated and yet it’s profound wisdom is exhilarating. Your humbleness and honesty before God is admirable and sensitive -yet, it is boldly presented.

    I especially admired your paragraph which states: Whew!! How do I know this to be true? Faith. For me it is that simple. Yes, I go to church (not necessary), belong to a Bible study (not required), read my Bible (encouraged), and a daily devotional (optional). I do it because I want to, I want to learn, keep my faith strong, live the life that I was called to live….and maybe…just maybe… be an inspiration to others.

    Your usage of “not necessary,” “not required,” “encouraged,” and “optional” are a greater part of your testimony of “faith.” Because of these terms you have exemplified the truest form of “Faith in God.” For nothing is required beyond personal “faith” in the One True God Jesus Christ Our Savior.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you and yours always. May His face shine upon you and may He lead you.

    Yours in Christ;

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  11. I loved your courage to put your faith out there in a time when so many of us are hesitant. I posted a Christmas card one year that says “God made so many kinds of people, why would he make only one way to serve him?”
    I’m also a woman of faith, it just looks a little different than yours. I’ve had visits by Angels that left me profoundly changed. My vision of God has changed a great deal over the years, not my faith. I trust fully and completely but more openly now than ever before.
    Quantum physics is proving there is what we refer to as God. I have been in search of understanding but never touched on the topic of faith because we are in fragile times where so many have perverted the message. I stopped going to church but keep looking for one that fits me. Most feel like a show. I only found one in all my years that I felt Spirit was present. I hope you find more who have the courage to stand by and with you. I’ll be there. 🙂

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  12. I enjoyed your share. Faith is like the wind – you can’t see the wind but you can feel it and see the impact it has – leaves moving, branches swaying to the “will” of the wind. As one woman of faith to another, kudos to you!

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