Day trip: San Diego

We live about 100 miles from San Diego so when out-of-town family showed up there this week, we headed off to meet  with them. They were visiting from Connecticut and were very much enjoying an opportunity to thaw out from a brutal winter. We were only to happy to  share our beautiful weather.  Bright and early the next morning we headed south.

Thommmee drove the coastal route.

We made a stop…


 …or two along the way.



 After about a 90 minute drive we arrived in San Diego.

We met them in Pacific Beach, a popular beach…


  and vacation destination area of San Diego.


 Picture perfect weather!

After lunch and some walking around, the next stop was a drive through the business…



 and Gaslamp districts.


Gaslamp is a historical part of downtown San Diego. This area was revitalized during the 1980’s and 90’s. It has many restaurants,  shops, and cultural activities. At night it comes alive with activity with special emphasis in dining, pubs, and nightclubs. There are a variety of festivals and special events scheduled throughout the year. (We were a few days too late for the St Patrick’s Day festivities).

There are so many interesting areas to visit In San Diego that it was difficult to select where to go in the few hours we had. After a  bit of exploration, we decided to head to Seaport Village where we spent the rest of the afternoon.


This is another popular coastal area…


full of unique shops,


oceanfront views,




 casual dining, bakeries, and ice cream!


(I just had to indulge)

There were beautiful succulents to appreciate…


unique plants…


…gorgeous trees…


…and an overall relaxing atmosphere.


(and did I say shopping?)


So little time!



if you are ever in the area, plan a few days in San Diego.


There is much more to see and do.


All too soon we were headed back.  Southern California traffic is  not much fun. It took us 3 1/2 hours to get home!


Had a great time!


23 thoughts on “Day trip: San Diego

  1. Beautiful photos of your trip. I have been offline for a while so I have some catching up with your posts. So glad you got to visit San Diego. I really want to go there. Seaport Village looks like my kind of place!

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  2. You are always so sweet and encouraging-you make me smile. I would bet you are that special person who brings joy to those around you. Thank you for being a blogging buddy. I do enjoy your blog as well. ♡


  3. Hi Jan,
    I love your blog, and this post is a good example of why. I’ve been to Seaport area and agree it is lovely, the perfect spot for browsing around on a nice warm sunny day. The drive home doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but the memories made it worth it, i bet? Days like that make you appreciate good health, and friendships. xx Nancy

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  4. San Diago must be a lot like Australia in climactic conditions as I notice you have eucalypts and bottle brush growing there quite happily. Lovely pictures and a lovely visit with family 🙂

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  5. San Diego is my favorite city in California. Fell in love with it when I was a kid, on a road trip and when I lived in Oceanside, we would often go there for Japanese curry and sightseeing. Lucky you!

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  6. I love San Diego. It’s always so beautiful. Your pictures are wonderful. We haven’t been there in years, but have many fond memories. So glad you got spend a beautiful day with family.

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  7. Family is nice. We don’t get many visitors from out of state but always love when we do. It was an almost summer day!♡♡ Just not too hot.♡♡ (like it gets here at home).


  8. I loved going to San Diego the few times I was able to get there. I know about the traffic but the sights are worth it. Glad you had a good time. S.D. had such clear skies compared to L.A. 😦


  9. Mu goodness, those skies are stunning! It is hard to believe you are just stepping out of winter – it looks like mid summer! Spending time with family is such a good thing and doing it in such a beautiful spot – pure gold!!


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