Spring in our own backyard

When the kids were young I would take them exploring to see what treasures were in their own yard. We would look at rocks, flowers-whatever we could find. I have carried out that tradition with the grandkids. Today, however, without any kids in tow, I decided to head outside to see what signs of spring I could find.


I found this beauty growing in an obscure corner of our yard.


I love succulents.


They offer such unique colors…


…and shapes.


The textures of the cactus…


…give interesting diversity to our yard.

This herb left from last summer is crawling along its terracotta pot.


A potato vine is in full bloom.


 I rescued these snapdragon from our local home improvement store (they were about to be discarded).


The Heavenly Bamboo has some interesting blooms.


This lone beauty was poking out.


Nearby, roses are in full bloom.


The vegetable garden has been started.

We have several varieties of tomatoes,


cilantro (love this versatile herb!)


yellow squash, zucchini, jalapeno, carrots, bell peppers,

and lettuce so far.


We actually have a very small backyard.


Yes, spring is definitely here!



15 thoughts on “Spring in our own backyard

  1. I am sure it will arrive before you know it 😊. I was itching for it to be here which was probably a little silly since we had almost no winter to speak of and summer will drag on a little to long. Oh well. …enjoying this perfect moment in time between winter and summer♡♡♡♡

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  2. Yes, spring is the best of all the seasons. Such promise. Too bad we have that bugger drought to contend with. We get lots of rain all winter, not a drop in the summer. I look for plants that can tolerate the dryer times. Beautiful pictures and I too love succulents. They don’t love me as much. 😦 Happy Easter Jan.


  3. How beautiful! Love the idea of exploring your backyard. We’ve pitched tents and gone camping – it allows kids to use their imagination. Anything from the mountains to an African adventure.

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  4. Hi Jan,
    lovely pictures. It’s funny, but when I was younger, with little children, I seemed to do much more gardening (with less time) than I do now. I find it is the weeding that takes a lot of time. Last year I put in zinnia’s, which were my mom’s favourite flower. But slugs ate them all. It looked like a Walkiing Dead garden, truly horrible. But your post has given me some encouragement to pull on my running shoes and take a walk to my garden centre. I think I will get some sweet pea seeds, and plant them at my back fence. It would be nice to see their riotous colours later in the sea on dressing up my backyard. take care. xx Nancy

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