Today is National Scrabble Day!

Thommmee and I love to play Scrabble. In the warmer months you will often find us  sitting outside  with a Scrabble game between us. This may or may not also include something cooking on the barbecue. We will be busy trying to come up with a double or triple word score while trying to outwit each other (and hopefully not burning something on the grill)!  While I don’t consider myself to be particularly competitive, when it comes to Scrabble we are all in.


Last week Thommmee had his best game ever with 387 points. Although it might not be much in the world of Scrabble, we thought it was pretty good  (anytime we exceed 300 points we are happy).


You will find us hauling our full-sized game on camping trips.

2013-11-27 17.33.13

At the beach, poolside, or vacation we carry our travel edition.


My trusty Scrabble dictionary is circa 1978.



We updated to a ‘new’ paperback dictionary a few years back.


(I don’t like this nearly as well).

Nowadays we have our smartphones nearby to checkout the newest words such as ‘selfie’ and ‘hashtag’ which were added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2014.

Since Aril 13th is National Scrabble day-and I did not know such a day even existed-I decided to find out a little bit of the history of my favorite game.

Alfred Mosher Butts invented the board game  in 1933. He was an out of work architect.  It was at the height of the Great Depression and  he was looking for a way to cheer people up. Originally called  LEXIKO, the game is considered a cross between an anagram and a crossword puzzle . A few years later the name was changed to CRISS CROSS WORDS. The rise to popularity was slow. The game is now sold in 121 countries with 29 different languages available!  Did you know there are 105 playable two-letters words  according to the Official Scrabble players’ dictionary? There are 187,632 words on the official Scrabble list for tournament play. Nigel Richards, who has won the World Scrabble Championship three times and the National Scrabble Championship five times, travels the world to play in Scrabble tournaments.  I have seen some of these championship games on TV-very impressive!   Scrabble is owned by the Hasbro Company. If you have any interest in learning about the history or game of Scrabble, the Hasbro link will give you further information.

This is a great educational game and can be played by 2-4 people. Each person randomly selects 7 letters. Alternating turns, a player makes words with the letters on their tray and using the letters on the board. When the kids were younger, we would allow them to use the dictionary to find words. This game increases vocabulary while allowing for an enjoyable interaction between the players. Nothing quite like sitting around a table together and experiencing the laughter and conversation going on during a board game. If you haven’t played a game recently, dust off those boards and give it a whirl. Invite the kids, the family, a friend or a neighbor in for a good time.  You can pick up many of the old classic games at bargain price from  a thrift store or yard sale.


Happy National Scrabble Day!



9 thoughts on “Today is National Scrabble Day!

  1. Hi Nancy, we are big game players in our family not only growing up and not only while the children were young, but now with the grandchildren. Nothing like sitting around the table and interacting whether it’s cards or board game -it’s really fun. I have never heard of eurche. Always looking for a new game especially something for two. Do you think this is something I can find out about on the internet or is it something like we have created, a game that’s all of our own! ha ha.😄


  2. Hi Jan,
    I’m guessing it is your love of reading that helps with those big scores of 300+! I never really got into scrabble, but love card games like hearts and euchre. Your post reminded me of the times I would spend with my sisters, brother, and all our cousins: we would gather at my uncles farmhouse, and have great card tournaments. I miss those days. xx Nancy

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  3. I know I have trouble spelling these days so this really helps keep me challenged! I guess if your birthday is on the 13th of any month you always have the opportunity for a Friday the 13th birthday!


  4. I used to love scrabble but it’s not a game to play by yourself. Now, I’m lucky to remember words, much less how to spell them. 🙂 I’ve never found one at a thrift store though I’m always looking when I go. April 13 was my daughters birthday and yes, she was born on a Friday. It was a busy day all around. I’ll catch up one day. 🙂


  5. That was an interesting and informative post, thank you for doing all that research!

    We are a family of scrabble lovers, I used the board game to assist my kids in learning to spell back in the day. Nowadays we play a version of the game on face book which infuriates me as they often reject our perfectly sound and well known words and there is no recourse as you are playing on a pre-set programme. I much prefer the board game though it brings out my competitive streak really badly – my family call me ‘killer’ when the scrabble board comes out 😀

    We also have a board game called ‘Up Words’ which is a version of scrabble that allows you to change a word by adding a letter on top of an existing letter. It is also fun.

    I do love the image of you and Thommee frying and wording in the sun!

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