Weather cold, weather hot….

…we’ll have weather whether or not.

When its cold we want it hot always wanting what is not.

(something my Dad used to say)

We didn’t get much of a winter this year. Our weather has been rather pleasant. No, I am not going to whine about the drought in California nor the abundant sunshine. I am going to appreciate that what we have is what we have and that God has it covered. He always does.

Today was a wintry type day for California. Breezy and cool.


Overcast in the morning. I actually had to put a on a jacket this morning. It rained in the mountains and deserts yesterday with the possibility of more to come. There is a forecast of 30% chance of rain tomorrow but Thommmee didn’t cancel his golf game. This is good news here-but-we will see. Often the hype does not lead to much precipitation.


it is hard to believe that last Friday we were at the beach.


Thommmee and I made the 45 minute drive to Huntington Beach and it was fabulous!


I couldn’t help but wonder why kids were out of school.


(see their toys in the sand?)

Just a beach day I guess. There was a large group of kids picking up trash. It seems they do this often as part of a school class of some kind. Gee, they didn’t have classes like that when I was in school! The high school students did pick up trash, were very polite, took off their shoes, waded in the water, snapped pictures of themselves and each other. Seemed they were there long after the beach was cleaned-up. Oh well. It was a beautiful day.


Of course we took our travel edition of Scrabble for a little friendly competition.


We had lunch.


Thommmee used his metal detector-looking for a big score. He found a nickel. Oh well.  He had fun. Another ‘prospector’ stopped by to exchange stories and brag about his big finds.  I tried to read a few pages on my book. Took pictures of the ships coming into Long Beach. Watched the birds.


Chatted with some fellow beach goers. Wiggled my feet in the warm sand. Put my toes in the water.


It was a great day.


I do love retirement!


13 thoughts on “Weather cold, weather hot….

  1. I am NOT a super fan of the heat either. I feel like where I live is where I’ll always live. As much as I would like to think that the world is calling me I will just have to settle for visits. Not prepared to leave all these kids and grandkids. Oh well, retirement will allow me to visit the places I want to see I guess- as long as the budget holds out ha ha!

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  2. I was going to say, are you ready for the June gloom, but you beat me to it. It’s cold here one minute then so warm I can’t breathe. I don’t do well with heat. But retirement, nothing beats it. I didn’t realize you were only 45 min from Huntington Beach. I’ve been there a couple of times but never to the beach itself. Looks luscious.

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  3. We’ve had such roller coaster weather. Your day at the beach looks wonderful. I like the June Gloom myself, but then I like the ocean view and a cup of hot tea. Enjoy your retirement.

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  4. It is such a fun and diverse area. Beach, bike path, fire pits, pier, food, and even beach camping. A Geek isle. ..what a wonderful dream. ….sigh! I dream of a beach home with a view. I think I would pick Hawaii. Nancy, I cannot view your blog as it is now marked private…I miss you!!♡♡


  5. Hi Jan,
    this looks lovely, I’ve never been to Huntington beach before, that expanse of sand looks so inviting. I’m sitting outside right now, sun has just gone down, and I have our fire going, but brrrrr, not much effect! My dream is to move to a Greek island, something with blues, and browns and whites, and is forever warm. What are you reading BTW? xx Nancy

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