A Mother’s Day letter to Mom

A mom is such a special person. Mom’s seem to care about all of those little things that probably don’t much matter to anyone else. Yes, they care about the big stuff too but somehow since you have been gone, it is  the little things that I miss the most.

When the kids were young I would call you for advice or just to listen.  As I have grown older (and so have my own children) I began to realize how tired you must have been coming home from a long day at work. You still had dinner to cook,  teenagers to deal with, a house to keep up, and many other things pulling at you, but somehow, you always made time for my phone calls. When maybe all you wanted to do was soak in a warm bath, you found the time to listen to me anguish over parent teacher conferences,  unexplained rashes or fevers,  parenting, and anything else that I called about. You always remembered to follow up after doctor appointments or check in on that headache that wouldn’t go away. You never forgot a birthday and as sure as the sun rose in the morning there would be an Easter, Halloween, or Valentine card in the mail for each grandchild. You understood the thrill those little ones felt from getting a piece of mail addressed to each one of them. And yet..how did you know to do this this? You did not have the childhood of story books or a mother you could call when you were raising six young children. How did you know to braid our hair or polish shoes for Sunday school? Who taught you how to help with homework or play Candy Land and Old Maid? It could not have been easy and yet…you seemed to do it all with such expertise that one would have thought you learned these things from your own mother-which sadly we knew was not the case.

You were my champion in the (so called) fight to grow up. While we had an amazing father (many could only dream of), he was strict as well as loving. You were there, the quiet force behind the man, guiding us to independence and  knowing that letting a bird fly free would allow them to grow. And we did. You were the heart of our father. Together you taught us respect, honesty, faith, integrity, kindness, patience, and most of all love.


I miss you, Mom. I miss those phone calls.


I miss our breakfasts together and sitting around the dining room table with you. You never sought the limelight but always allowed us to shine. You seemed to bask in our successes and loved us through our failures. You bandaged our scrapes and held us when we cried. You supported us every step of the way and I have tried to follow your example. When deciding what to do I often reflect on how you might have handled a situation and follow your lead. You never pried and never offered unsolicited advice-which I am still working on.


As we face another Mother’s Day without you I am reminded of how much you were loved and of how much you are missed. I am grateful for the years we had together. I know you are at peace. I am very grateful to have had you as my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom


I love you.



16 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day letter to Mom

  1. I had a lovely day, thank you. We will continue the celebration this weekend. Enjoy your time with your boys. I am sure they feel about you as you feel about your mom. Moments with family-either as the parent or the child are precious.

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  2. Such a lovely tribute to your Momma. I too miss my Momma… she is still alive but has severe dementia. I do treasure all the moments we had together as they were all so very precious!
    I was away from my two boys on Mother’s Day but will see them soon! I can’t wait!
    I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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  3. Hi, Nancy. So good to hear from you again. I have been missing you! Life does get in the way sometimes so I understand completely. Mother’s Day has never been quite the same without my mom but I am thankful to be a mom. I look forward to catching up on your next post when you are ready. Take care-big hugs!


  4. Hi Jan,
    sorry I have not commented recently, ‘Life’ got in the way:). But wanted to let you know I read this on Sunday, and it brought tears to my eyes. My mom is gone too, I checked out on the weekend, harder this year than others. I’ll be back on line in a week or two, until then, take care. xx Nancy

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  5. Mine will be wonderful as well. I will have both my precious children with me for the day. I adore them and they love me in a way that was not possible between my mother and myself. I still miss her though, every day. You are the kind of mother that would love your children in a way that they couldn’t help but love and cherish you.

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  6. Ahhhh, Marlene, that is the sweetest thing you could have said. It’s so hard to imagine that my children could feel the same way about me. You touched me deeply. Happy Mother’s Day to you also.

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  7. Thank you, Pauline. I would like to think that she is smiling. When I think of her I certainly smile. I know how blessed I have been to have her in my life.


  8. What a beautiful tribute to your mom! It has made me stop and reflect this morning. I can think of no better epitaph to a life than to have such a eulogy spoken by a grateful and loving daughter. Your mother will be smiling!

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