Camping-Silverwood Lake

We finally decided to take out new tent out for a trial run.  Since we had not been out for a while our tent had languished in its original box for about 5 months. In our area it is very difficult to find an open camping spot without advance planning so we chose a mid-week trip to a nearby lake. You should understand, lakes in this part of California are few and far between, so they are usually full of boaters and crowds.  Mid week and before the kids were  out of school we had no problem getting in and very few neighbors. Even the park ranger looked  surprised when we arrived, no reservation, and asked to camp for one night!

We chose Silverwood Lake in the almost high desert located in the San Bernardino National Forest.


This would not be a place I would venture to mid summer as temps can hit the 100’s quite often. I am also afraid of rattlesnakes (well to be honest, any snakes) which are quite common in the desert heat.  The other draw for this spot is the less than one hour drive to get there.

When you think of desert camping you don’t often think of trees…


…which they had plenty of…


…or water…


…or beaches.


They had plenty of that too.


We had a lovely campsite, plenty of room for multiple tents.


(Site 41)

It was a little breezy and mildly warm temperatures.

A homing pigeon stopped by for a rest on his way to wherever.


Thommmee was so excited when he saw an eagle scoop up a small squirrel in its talons and fly off. Of course we didn’t have time to get a picture of nature in action.

The desert has a variety of beautiful and unique flowers.



We didn’t get many pictures because I actually turned my phone off for 24 hours!  Yes, it was hard but it was also very relaxing. No internet, no connecting with anyone else or thinking about anything else except enjoying God’s beauty and spending time with Thommmee.  I had time to be alone and reflect.  We took a few little hikes to appreciate the exquisite diversity of the desert scenery. Although it was only one night, there was something about the quiet time that replenished me.


It was just what I needed.


22 thoughts on “Camping-Silverwood Lake

  1. Morning Jan. I think we stayed in a cabin up in Big Bear too. Stayed in Lake Arrowhead once too. Big Bear felt more like home to me. I stayed in a walk in tent with both the kids in Missouri with their dad. That was nice. Both my kids have them. Son for earthquakes and daughter in hopes of actually one day getting to go camping. 🙂 I imagine there are great places here and am finally getting the chance to explore. I’ll keep you updated.


  2. Hi Marlene. I have not been camping at Big Bear but funny you should mention it, we have reservations up there with the family next month. Yes, getting in and out of a tent is getting more difficult but hence the new tent. It is big enough to walk into. We also could fit our blow up queen mattress! Made things a little easier. You must have so many beautiful areas in your neck of the woods.

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  3. I’m so glad the weather and conditions were perfect for your short visit. Always good to be wary of snakes. They are apparently out big time this year as it’s dryer and hotter. I’m a little too old for tenting or maybe just my bones are too old. We used to camp at the beaches on the coast line and a few times at Mohave Narrows and Calico. Always before the real heat hits there. I was surprised to see the water and beach there in the middle of the San Bernadino’s It’s been awhile. Have you ever been over to Big Bear? Loved that area and Yucaipa.

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  4. Hi Jan,
    the campground looks so clean and inviting. Love the picture of the beach, and the little pidgeon, too sweet. It looks quiet and very restful. I bet being there made you think to yourself, why don’t we do this more often? I think it is a great idea to get away to a spot like that. minus the snakes of course. I’m glad you had some time to breathe deeply and enjoy being outdoors. xx Nancy

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