I have been a bit absent and distracted from my blog for the past few weeks. I have tried to keep up with my favorite bloggers but may may have missed a few of you. It might take me some time to catch up.

What have I been up to????


I have been granddaughter and doggie sitting for a few weeks.


 (while their parents have been in Alaska!)

A few beach trips…


 …and poolside with grandkids or my swimming buddy.


Giving sewing lessons…


My recent project of sewing 150 zippered bags is complete and they are now finding new homes across the globe.


Making more strawberry jam.


(seems I give it away almost as fast as I make it…or eat it!)

 Hitting a few yard sales. Picked up this great rattan chair.


 (One of the cats thinks we bought it just for her)

Planning a trip to Idaho via Yellowstone and the Tetons later this month. (Did I say road trip?)

 Heading to Big Bear Lake in the local mountains for a 3 day camping trip.

(No campfires allowed due to the drought and high fire danger)

 Catching up on some housework


 with a little help.


 And summer has only just begun!


23 thoughts on “Summertime!

  1. These bags were a labor of love. The joy for me is in the sewing and the giving. I guess I’m also finding great joy in sharing my skills with others. Who knows where this journey will take me? You always have such a positive spin on things and I appreciate you!

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  2. Happy summer to you too Pauline! Just now recuperating from our Big Bear camping trip which was wonderful and a bit more exercise than I expected. I’m definitely pooped but happy to be home in my own bed.


  3. I know you were always on the run exploring new opportunities. When we were putting together a Idaho trip I was thinking of you! Doesn’t look like I will get to see Arches National Park this go around though. You really made me excited to go there.

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  4. A retired summer is about as good as it gets! Those granddaughters are just so fun to spend time with and teaching them sewing is a joy for both of us.♡♡


  5. I may have misled slightly (but not intentionally) about the teaching sewing. I was teaching my granddaughter! Zippered bags will hopefully find homes through our church youth team who are on a mission trip in Africa.

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  6. Will you be in Idaho July 24th thru July 31st? I will be at Steve’s and had hoped we could meet. I didn’t know you taught sewing, love your pretty little helper.

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  7. The dog and the little one are enough to keep anyone busy. Was there a certain reason you made 150 zippered pouches? I would love to teach sewing again. Maybe one day when things settle down. I consider that a noble endeavor. Taught my niece and she did very well but leans more to academia than artistic. Enjoy your summer.

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  8. Well, you haven’t just been slacking off Jan! That’s an impressive list of present and future actions – I hope all the trips go very well and you have a happy time with the cute little ones! Those little zippered bags are so pretty – what an enormous undertaking that was! Happy Summer!!

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