Not just another road trip!

Whew! We just returned from a whirlwind 9 day road trip. Our goals were to visit a cousin in Northern Idaho and to see Yellowstone National Park. We kept our plans somewhat flexible and managed to see at least parts of California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada with over 2,000 miles driven. It was a marvelous trip but I am exhausted.  I have decided to share just a few highlights of our trip and allow the pictures to do most of the talking.

Mono Lake, California


You can see the effects of the drought clearly here.

A night in Boise, Idaho at an adorable guest house



A 2 night visit with family in Sand Point, Idaho.


Lake Pend ‘Oreille

The cousins lovely home on 28 acres


We really appreciated their hospitality.

Next stop…

Yellowstone National Park




Geysers and Paint Pots dot many parts of the park.




Buffalo sighting!


I didn’t know about this gem.



A view of the valley taken from the canyon edge.


Impossible to express the vastness, diversity, and beauty of this place with just a few pictures.

Our Kamper Cabin located at Flagg Ranch was just outside the park. A new take on camping but very convenient. Just the basics.


Possibly my favorite of all was The Tetons



View of The Tetons from Lake Jenny

We came across this quaint chapel in the middle of Wyoming


Looks more like an old ranch.

Of course I could go on and on but I will spare you. I know we all have busy lives, blogs to write and blogs to read. I do appreciate you taking a moment to stop by for a snapshot of our trip.


Until next time…


16 thoughts on “Not just another road trip!

  1. Such lovely photos you shared. What a glorious trip to always remember!
    I liked seeing your photo of you and your husband! Such a beautiful couple!


  2. We did have lovely weather, Pauline and although there are fires in so many places we somehow missed out on all of it for which I am very grateful. I did not know about your geysers in boiling mud! Sounds like our areas have much in common with the fires and earthquakes although this is not exactly something that we want to have in common!!

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  3. Please don’t apologise at all – this is a most interesting glimpse into your 2000 mile road trip! We have geysers and boiling mud pools and sulphurous emissions galore in one particular area of this country, but we do not have ‘Grand Canyons’ mini or otherwise, buffalo, the Tetons or quaint old ranch like churches in the middle of nowhere – ours tend to be more schist and brick, the wooden ones having mostly collapsed due to fire, age or earthquakes. It looks like you had mostly blue skies and good times!

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