3 days 3 quotes challenge-day 3

The 3 day quote challenge has been so interesting for me. Many terrific quotes have been swimming through my mind. Researching quotes has allowed me to open myself to admire those who are so profound and share or have different points of view.  I have received such encouragement and insight from many of you and I am deeply touched. Thank you for indulging me these past 3 days.

It was difficult to decide what my 3rd and final quote will be. I have decided to allow the quote to speak for itself but do not know who deserves the credit. Perhaps its is a paraphrase from a Bible verse or Dr. Martin Luther King.

Either way…



14 thoughts on “3 days 3 quotes challenge-day 3

  1. What a lovely way to explain faith to someone that doesn’t understand what it is.
    I like this and sorry it took me so long to catch up. Going backwards here. I think I run in a state of overwhelm most days. 😦 Hope you are doing well and enjoying fall, Ours is here. 🙂

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  2. Thanks Nancy! I love hearing from you.♡♡ It has been a very busy summer all around, it seems. I certainly have noticed my blogging community is very busy and not quite as active on their blogs (in many cases). I know I’m looking forward to a slowdown in my busy schedule and I don’t even work! It’s hard for me to remember how I ever kept up with anything so I can appreciate how busy you must be. Before you know it the holidays will be upon us. Where does the time go?


  3. Hi Jan! love your last quote. It must ring true for most of us, right? I’m sure we’ve all had times where we feel more in the dark than in the light. I’ve been so busy with work and other stuff I haven’t had much time to say hello to blog friends, but I’m catching up now, so hope you are well. xx Nancy

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  4. I did – and thereby invented a new number sequence 🙂 The shop is up and running and has even made a couple of sales which I am thrilled about. I now have a ‘feedback’ page and am feeling almost professional! Thank you for asking.

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  5. The Bible has so many great references to faith. I really tried to figure out where this came from and you may be as close as I have come to finding a source. I do like to give credit where credit is due. Thanks.


  6. Well you did such a marvelous job with your quote and don’t I recall that you went to 4 days?😉 You also took the time and trouble to incorporate some delightful art and visual effects. I felt slightly dull in comparison. How’s the shop coming along?


  7. Thank you, Pauline. I have enjoyed this so much more than I had expected. So many wonderful words to choose from. I almost had a lapse of good judgement thinking of posting a quote every week. I quickly came to my senses realizing that this was not my forte on a regular basis and I will leave that to others more dedicated to the cause . (I may, however slip in a good quote here and there😄)


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