My Attitude of Gratitude

On my continuing journey of personal growth, I recently came across an idea of a Prayer Journal. This would allow me an opportunity to capture my silent prayers, offer thanks, and see God busy in my life. It might also allow me to work on my

Attitude of Gratitude

When I recently posted about my continuing journey of retirement and finding a focus for my final chapters of life, I was overwhelmed with appreciation, gratitude,  and love that I received from my fellow bloggers, family, and friends. Many of you responded with such wonderful suggestions and encouragement. I took all of your thoughts to heart and spent these past weeks considering were I will go from here. Some of the ideas that touched me most deeply were to love what you do, give thanks, and not be so hard on myself!

Let me digress for a moment….I have three sisters and each year we throw ourselves a little family birthday party. With one birthday in July, two in August, and one in early September, finding a date that works for all of us can be difficult-but somehow we always manage! Together we select a theme, contribute towards the meal, and each bake our own birthday cake!


When asked what I wanted, I requested a journal. Yes, I could have gone and purchased one (or used anything to write on really) but instead decided to wait to see if I received one and use the weeks waiting for the event to decide what exactly I would do with it.

My youngest sister found this lovely journal for me


and when we returned home I immediately got down to writing.


I started off fully committed to keeping up my journal daily. In the weeks following, I admit, I have slacked off just a bit. What has changed, however, is my attitude. With a new-found peace and acceptance, I am much more content and willing to just forge ahead. This means that I am venturing into uncharted ideas and experiences and willing to find out what works-and what doesn’t. I don’t feel discouraged if something does seem to be a good fit but instead am open to try something else-or go in a different direction.  I am okay if I have a quiet or unproductive day (no more guilt!!) or if the day is so full I fall into bed at night exhausted. Actually, I have usually had a positive outlook on life but suppose I just got off course. I am reminded of all that is good in my life and the opportunities still before me.


Attitude of Gratitude

has been rekindled. I am (like most of us) a work in progress and I have a choice. I can move into this next part of my life with excitement and an open heart and mind or stay stuck. I guess taking time to shake things up a bit are in order from time to time. I am grateful for opportunities, challenges, growth, and the future before me. I know God has a plan for my life and He is not done with me yet!


24 thoughts on “My Attitude of Gratitude

  1. What a great idea. The past few days I have tried to be less stressed and to enjoy my day more, rather than obsessively check items off a list, running over people I love in the process. I have a notebook too, and this was a good reminder to pull it out. Thank you.

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  2. I cannot say for certain what changed, Nancy, but I believe God heard my call. Perhaps it was the prayers of the heart that were heard rather than my written word. ♡♡♡♡


  3. I love that concept, Marlene! Adjusting our sails. Perhaps I was relying on the change in the wind rather than adjusting my sails. Yes, Pauline did offer great insight. Big hugs to you sweet friend! ♡♡

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  4. Thank you. ♡♡ I so agree we are a work in progress and need to always be working and looking forward. To much time in the past can derail or journey. We are never to old to grow!


  5. Such heartfelt comments, Pauline. I do so appreciate your support and insight. I suspect when we stop reaching for the stars and sit back too long our journey is about over. I love the insight that comes with time. Hugs to you!


  6. What a lovely post… we all tend to critique ourselves a bit hard. But once we step back and take in what we have done, seen, thought of, and interacted with… we begin to feel what our life’s purpose is or where we need to be.
    Your prayer journal is such a pretty book. And your prayers are heard!

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  7. What a beautiful post. Learning to let go, to accept each day with its blessings, however obscure, can be difficult. Remember two important things – when God speaks it is rarely with a loud voice so we hear Him best when our souls are quiet and that is is better to be clay in His hands than Stone that must be chiseled. God is always at work within us, the tools used molds us is really up to us.

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  8. Hi Jan,
    what was it that changed? what do you think caused the acceptance to come? Do you think it was the journal, and the writing, even if it was not regular? I’m glad that you are finding some peace. It’s a lovely thing to come across, and I like reading about your journey. xx Nancy

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  9. What a great idea Jan. I think we all need something like that to remind us of all of the good things we have to be grateful for. I am going to start one too. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  10. Great post, dear heart. You are adjusting your sails and refocusing your path. I’ve kept a gratitude journal that I write in every day no matter what. It does change your perspective and brings a bit of peace to ones heart. It’s helped me through some dark times. I think Pauline says it so much better though. I have always thought Christian and Buddhist principles were quite similar. It’s like God spoke in the language of the people in different ways but with the same message. But then, that’s what I’m in search of.:) Giant squishy hugs.

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  11. What a wonderful post Jan! I truly believe it is out life’s work learning to be fully present in each moment and to be so with acceptance and gratitude for all the events of our lives and the good that surrounds us and is within us. It is work that never ceases, but must be done with good will, self forgiveness – and the ability to laugh at ourselves doesn’t hurt either. We are learning to become ourselves. We have cycles when we make good progress and times when we feel we have gone backwards – but it is all part of breathing and learning and – like waking and sleeping – each aspect is just as important as the other. I think in our western culture unless we are ‘doing’ we are impatient with ourselves and feel we are failing. It’s important to remember we are ‘human beings’ not ‘human doings’. Enjoy your journal, love it, read it, let it simply ‘be’ with no expectations. Your attitude is more important than what you write.

    I know you know all this – we share the journey xoxo

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