Happy National Button Day!


November 16th is

National Button Day.

I did not know this interesting tidbit of information. It was established in 1938 by

The National Button Society

to celebrate those who love to collect or craft with buttons.


Is there seriously a day for just about anything?


Like most sewers, I have my own stash  of buttons.


(I never considered it a collection)

I often can’t resist when I see buttons at a yard sale or a deal at my local fabric store. I have separated them by color and even occasionally use some of them. I have tossed them all into a big jar and used them as a game for a baby shower or birthday party-you know, guess how many buttons are in the jar and win a prize…

I may have  even used some in a craft project.

Collect them, no…


but come to think of it…it might be fun!


Happy National Button Day!


8 thoughts on “Happy National Button Day!

  1. I’m so sorry I missed this earlier. I took all my buttons out of the tins they were in when the step grand children were around to play with them and sorted them into glass jars for better access. I love my buttons. My daughter’s best friend’s mother is an actual collector. She goes to meetings and everything. They search out antique buttons and give them to her as gifts and they hang framed on the wall. They are works of art. We who create see art in many things. I’ll just have to put this date on my yearly calendar. 🙂 Hope you are doing well.


  2. Those are so cute! I don’t sew that often ( sadly, my sewing is usually utilitarian, holes in socks, ripped seams, etc.) but I’m sure your head just swims with ideas for those fun buttons. Maybe when it gets to chilly to garden I’ll sew a garden themed pillow. 🙂

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  3. Who knew!! But, as you say, there seems to be a ‘day’ for every conceivable thing nowadays. I love buttons too and sometimes buy them just because they ‘might come in handy one day’ – but I’m not a collector. I think if you just keep your buttons in jars or boxes or drawers you can’t possibly be a collector can you?

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