Looking Forward

What a great time to look forward!  Nothing like the thought of a new year to inspire us to set goals, make plans, decide to eat healthier, and to get moving. For me, not only am I faced with a new year but I am beginning my third year of retirement!

I eagerly jumped out of bed this morning, (well, maybe I lazily I climbed out of bed) full of optimism to begin the new year. Grand ideas have been swimming through my mind these past weeks about what I might do and what changes I might make. The Christmas cookies were finally gone, any leftover treats either consumed, given away, or tossed. The last of the gifts have been given, and the left over wrapping paper stowed away in anticipation for next year. The day was sunny and the spirits high.

After my healthy breakfast (and coffee without cream), I decided to tackle cleaning out my closet and drawers. Why this seemed more important than putting away the holiday décor I can’t say but I was in the mood to organize so I went with it!  I purged and tossed, I set aside things to be donated and organized everything in sight.

My make-up drawer is ready for the new year.


 I could not bear to take a before picture.

A few loads of laundry later it was lunchtime. I had whipped up some fat busting cabbage soup


and consumed multiple glasses of lemon water.


Fortunately I planned ahead and went grocery shopping yesterday to make sure there were plenty of healthy options on hand. Reminds me of a favorite quote:

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

OK, so the rest of the day? I talked to some of the kids by phone, chatted with my sister, texted some family and friends, and watched some You Tube videos for inspiration for new sewing projects. I did not watch the Rose parade going on about 30 miles away. No football for me. Overall if was a very nice way to start the new year. The gym will probably have to wait until next week.

Happy New Year

and welcome to 2016!


25 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Other than sauteing the onions first, I just threw in everything I had including red and green bell peppers, carrots, cabbage, celery, lots of spices, and some tomatoes from my garden that I had frozen from last summer. It was actually pretty good. I know what you mean about the organizing- everybody seems to be at it. New Year fresh start right? It took me two days to tear apart my sewing room!


  2. I should make some cabbage soup. Care to share your recipe? I poked around in the garden a bit today, and did not eat much chocolate. The organizing bug must be everywhere; I organized my spice cabinet, and I’ve got an eye on my pantry!

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  3. It seems You have entered the new year with the right foot ‼️ There is always excitement when we begin something new, don’ t You think?… That’s Way keeping things organized and making plans is useful when schedules and plans are involved as well… In this sense, your favorite quote makes complete sense to me…
    All the best to You in 2016… Aquileana ⭐️💫

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  4. I went out and bought organizing bins today for my sewing room. I am sorry to say that room is now in a shambles and I am done for the day. The good news is it’s also doubles as a guest room and I have guests coming in about 10 days so it will have to be completed!

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  5. How I envy you – I bought all sorts of boxes and trays and cases to get myself better organized – they are piled up in a den I can barely walk into along side all my kitchen gadgets that I had planned to organize. Hubby has put his foot down – no more stuff until I organize the stuff I’ve already gotten. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a wonderful 2016!

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  6. Now the trick is to maintain! I am going to allow myself some flexibility as long as I am moving in a forward direction. The best to you too in the new year.


  7. You’ve certainly jumped into the new year with great enthusiasm – well done! I’m still easing into it but inspired by your great example I’m going to pick up my speed a bit! All the best for 2016.

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  8. It’s wonderful to be inspired to start doing what needs to be done. I have lots of clearing out to do and got a good start on it yesterday after lunch with my former stepdaughter and her family. A surprise visit which left most of my plans in the bucket but a good thing none the less. It’s going to be an interesting year. Happy New Year to you Jan.

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  9. Thank you, Pauline! Balance-a perfect concept in most all that we do. Thanks for reminding me. You always have such a heart for understanding and encouragement. I do plan to enjoy the mundane along with the peaks and valleys. Happy New Year to you.

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  10. I’m really impressed you remembered to take photos Jan 🙂 The make up drawer is really impressive too – clean AND tidy! You had a lovely well balanced day – some organisation, some good food and lots of keeping in touch with loved ones – just perfect! A wonderful start to your year – I hope every day is just as well balanced and happy. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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