Moving Forward

Last week I was merely looking forward and now I am actually moving forward!  As with most of us, we start out the year with the best of intentions and I am no different. How long we can keep it up?  Well, that depends on the person. Based on my past experience, I know that my excitement (and energy) may fade in time so I am trying to strike while the iron is hot as they say.

While my Christmas decorations still linger all over the house…

and our sad little tree, although stripped of its ornaments, still lies in wait for hibernation.


We  bought this pitiful little tree about 4 years ago as a door buster/pre Christmas sale. I had wanted a new tree for such a long time but hesitated to spend the money. This was such a deal I jumped on it  and gave our nice full-slightly worn tree to one of our daughters. When I put this one up I wanted to call her and ask for my old tree back (which is still looking beautiful at her house by the way) but  that didn’t seem fair so we decided to just make the best of it. We have learned to love this little Charlie Brown tree and it is actually much more practical in our small home. This is true most especially  on Christmas Eve when we cram between 25-30 family members in this little place!

Anyway, I digress. As I mentioned in my last post I was excited to start organizing and purging and decided to ignore the holiday stuff for now (besides, we do enjoy our little tree as do the cats).


Next I decided to tackle my sewing/spare bedroom.  I tossed out 2 bags of trash and 3 large bags to be donated or set aside for our next (probably unsuccessful) yard sale. After all, Why not clutter up the storage shed and a chance to maybe change my mind about a few things?

I began pulling things out of drawers and closets and created a great deal of chaos. I had scraps, lengths of fabric and craft supplies everywhere.


When I returned to sewing a few years ago I read some advice that you should not throw away even the smallest scrap of fabric. There would always be some use for it down the road. Well, I took this to heart and complete disorganization erupted. I had stuffed and stashed in every spare inch . This was not going to be part of my organizational plan so I decided to only save the small pieces that I could fit into one container.


Now don’t feel too sorry for me. This does not count the larger pieces of fabric, nor heaven forbid,  my FABRIC STASH. I painfully let go of some little pieces and some crazy things I would never use.


I am sure I could find a use for the tiger scrap on top but not in my foreseeable future so I ruthlessly tossed it  out ( I kept the basket).

Then I got down to the nitty-gritty. This vacuum sealed bag of various fabric is going to the donation bin…. or the shed for the potential yard sale.


It is difficult to get a true picture of how much fabric is in here. Most of it was given to me anyway so I  am fairly certain I would never have a use for most of it.

Things were starting to come together…


I arranged some almost finished spools of thread in a decorative way so not to clog up my thread organizer.


The closet was a bit more challenging but I kept at it…


…and managed some organization.

Finally I surveyed the room and I have to say was somewhat pleased with the result.

It’s not perfect but everything has a place and all of my fabric is in a storage bin or neatly organized. I think my  guests next week will be comfortable.


Lastly, I took a moment to not only appreciate two days of hard work, but to admire the view outside my sewing room window.


Now it’s time to put away the Christmas decorations.


Then I can begin my new sewing project.



I really did go out and buy more fabric!


32 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. I used to get crazy organizing and my husband would grab the kids and take them somewhere “before I tossed them all in the trash.” The kids loved it and came home with tall tales and takeout pizza for my dinner.


  2. It doesn’t take long to get out of control! 😄 They almost know me by name at my local fabric store. Its a plus and minus that it’s about a mile from my house.


  3. Ha! So hard not to buy more fabric when you see something you like. Looks like you made a lot of progress on the organizing. I never throw out all my scraps either, however it has gotten to a point where I probably need to revisit this policy so I can de-clutter.

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  4. I laughed so hard my son wondered what was so funny so I read this to him. He says we are just blessed to have so much folded possibility. I like that. That’s why I’m a possibilitarian. I have friends coming over tomorrow so I have to get moving with the clearing of clutter. Ugh. My stash has taken over the house. 🙂

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  5. Thanks Marlene. I finally moved on to the Christmas decorations today and the tree came down. Not all of it is packed up yet but a good part of it. Why is it there’s always so much to do and it never seems to get better despite how much effort we put into it? Clean one corner and up pops a mess in another! Oh well I hope my guests don’t peek under the bed!!! I read a blog one day about a new sewer asking how to create a fabric stash and had to laugh. You don’t create it-it creates you, right?😁

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  6. You make me laugh, Jan. As a dyed in the wool fabriholic, I get it. I boxed up 2 large bundles of fabric in the last year and sent them to others. I even included patterns for the material. I knew I was never going to make anything with the fabric and wanted room for the things I do want to make. Clearing out entitles you to a little bringing in. My fabric stash has leaked into my bedroom as well, in the closet and under the bed. Anywhere there is a hole. But so much is finding a new home. I’m anxious to see what you are going to do with the new fabric. 🙂 Glad you are getting a chance to enjoy that room. Having guests always moves me faster. Hugs.

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  7. Always! I know. I hate having half finished things. I ruthlessly got rid of all of mine. Hopefully some nice person will pick them up and enjoy completing them. That is how I got stuck with a bunch of my unwanted stuff. People passed it on to me going I would treasure them. Bite the bullet!

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  8. Good for you. Cleaning out clutter and organizing is something everyone avoids! And so they just go to the Container Store and con’t to stuff things away. Moving often has pretty much forced me to get down to the nitty gritty. And now I feel the accumulation starting again. Ug.

    There are a lot of organizing ideas on the web, so that’s helpful to get inspired by. In any case, proud of you! 🙂

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  9. So it sounds as if you have room for the craft projects I abandoned about five years ago. Can I interest you in a 20% finished counted cross-stitch of a woman in a floaty dress with her arm around a white horse? The cream thread on cream ecru is very dreamlike. The horse’s head is a little out of whack on account of me losing count about ten rows back, but I am sure your eagle eye will spot the problem stitches requiring unpicking? Then there are the bed-sheets my Italian relative started embroidering about fifty years back and then handed on to me about ten years ago . . . And then there is another box of half-finished embroidery in the garage. Oh, I could on. Such a pity to toss these things isn’t it? But I can’t imagine I will ever return to stitching, my eyesight is shot! Your room looks very welcoming for the guests. Good on you!

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  10. The idea of a Murphy bed is very appealing – price and comfort are two important considerations however…… Thank you Jan, I’m glad you like my work 🙂 I’m currently trying out another spiral catcher – more like a mobile as one of my readers suggested. We’ll see what happens…..

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  11. Yes that bed! Takes up a lot of room. I’ve wondered if I could figure out how to get a Murphy bed. A bit pricey. You do beautiful artwork whether it’s painting or beading.


  12. Yes, I do everything in the same space – which was fine until a bed had to be moved in to accommodate my daughter who is staying for a year and any other guests. I’m currently plotting ways of making everything work – but I haven’t got there yet. I haven’t painted since last March – and am longing to get back into it!

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  13. Thanks! Nothing like some new fabric to get you in the mood to sell. Probably like crochet or knitters when they get new yarn. I made some projects at Christmas and they were so successful I’m going to be doing some more. I’m kind of bummed I didn’t take any pictures but I will perhaps check with the people I gave the gifts to and see if they can photograph them for me. Did you get your winter weather yet?

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  14. Well, the clear bins are a bit of an eyesore but at least it’s relatively tidy. I wish I had a little bit more space but until I’m ready to give up the guest room all together it’s going to have to be a dual functioning room. Now I just have to remember where everything is at. I know what you mean about the paper. I had started the card making and scrapbooking at one point and I whittled that down to a very small amount since it’s not something I’m really into anymore but again, I’m not ready to part with everything. I bet you do have beads everywhere with all that fabulous work you do with your light catchers. I’m guessing that you have found the way to keep it a bit organized and not out of control! And then of course you have your painting too! Do you do all of that in the same room?


  15. Oh this made me smile – in a rueful kind of a way admittedly! When I first started card making years ago I was told never to throw away the paper off-cuts as everything is usable. I had boxes and piles of tiny little bits of paper everywhere – I still have some boxes that really need to be chucked out! It was only when I moved back into painting that I realised I didn’t need half the stuff that card-makers think are necessary and most of that still sits taking up much needed room. Now of course I have added a ton of beads and related bits and pieces into the configuration………… I need to do what you did and take a deep breath and send half my creative room on to someone who will use it! 🙂 Your sewing room / guest room looks wonderfully tidy!

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  16. I got rid of so much when I thought I was going to sell my house and move into a smaller one that I can actually see the bottom of my closets and the garage is only 1/2 full. Even though I will not be moving in the foreseeable future, I am trying to stay uncluttered. Good for you Jan – what is your new project? That fabric looks nice.

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