A New Chapter of Exercise


Like many of us, I started the new year with a plan to start exercising more. Like many of us, the idea is easier said than putting into action. Since I have a local gym membership, I decided to find out what classes were offered that might help keep me motivated. Sometimes a commitment works better than just half of an enthusiastic plan. I found a class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at high noon so off I went.

I am usually a morning person so the idea of a noon class did not appeal to me but since I was making this commitment I went for it. This class is a senior exercise class so I expected to walk in to a bunch of…well seniors… sitting on a chair swapping recipes and talking about their next doctor appointment.

Was I ever wrong!

Yes there were chairs (for which I began to appreciate in the first 15 minutes), weighs,


resistance bands, balls, music, and well…seniors!


(no, this is not me)

 Not seniors like you might think of your grandma or that lady down the street, but active busy seniors that have a desire (and are able) to stay that way…well…like me! That is perhaps where the similarity ends.  These seniors (most of who had been attending for some time) know how to move. They can hop, pump, keep time, and go strong for the entire 60 minutes!  Although I did complete the class on day one, I was exhausted. To make me feel even less fit (if that was even possible) the instructor is a gorgeous 70 year old woman!


As I stumbled out of there that first day I made the decision to come again. I think they were surprised to see me back knowing that the roads are paved with good intentions and this core group of seniors had seen their share of newcomers come and go before. Like I said, I am committed. Yes, I was thankful that we sometimes sit, occasionally hold on to the chair, take a few water breaks, but this one hour class is intense! I have adjusted my schedule (as well as my attitude) for the class at high noon,  put people around me on notice not to expect to hear from me during this hour and hey, I have to get going! Its Thursday and almost time to head off to class.

Until next time………



19 thoughts on “A New Chapter of Exercise

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I have to do only 20 pushups a day and I’m now behind by 60. Haven’t done any in the last three days…oops! If there was a Zumba class near me, I would never miss because I love dancing. Last year I was in a fitness class for 6 months and it was great. Our trainer went away and now nobody has had time to re-organize. wish you all the best!

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  2. Thank you. I have to keep it up. At some point in your life you realize you don’t have any more time to make many more excuses with your health. Exercise has never been a favorite of mine and my poor body has felt the effects of it. These last few years I have been much more active than I was in the 10 years previously. Part of that was do too bad knees and a knee replacement helped considerably to increase my activity level.

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  3. I wish we had a more mature Zumba class . We used to have an aqua Zumba class which was my absolute favorite. I too would prefer a morning class but I’m learning to be more adaptable. Congratulations on getting up early to accomplish your goals.

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  4. Thanks Nancy. Being home on a permanent basis is different. The first year I literally bounded out of bed each day. I am now enjoying the pleasure of getting up more leisurely and enjoying my coffee. It’s really a learning curve to be retired.


  5. Bravo! I go Tuesday and Thursday as well. But mine is at 8 in the morning. Zumba for over 55. I love it! We even meet afterwards for coffee. The hardest part is rolling out of bed but I do !

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  6. Hi Jan,
    I would be interested to read about whether your retirement has had any impact on exercise in your life. Lately, I have been thinking about all the things I would love to do if I was retired. It’s utopia sometimes, right? the grass is always greener, etc. When I was laid off, my brother had some words of wisdom, he said that I should enjoy the down time, that I would likely get another job at some point, and that when I did, I would want the aimless days back again. He was right. But they weren’t aimless because I did a lot of writing, and reflection. And because my husband was also off, we used to take the dog for a walk down to the beach and then all the back up again, everyday about 2:00. Good exercise. Now I am back to getting home at 6 or after, cooking dinner, cleaning up, and not being free until 7:45. I am too tired to exercise. So I would like to know if you think people still put stuff in front of exercising even when retired, or if it is easier. I am glad you found this course. I took one like it — the instructor was my daughter’s boyfriend’s mom at the time and she was great. But again with work, it’s hard to make the 5:30 start time. xx Nancy

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  7. Thank you! I am going to do my best to keep my commitment. Sounds like you’re doing pretty good with what you’ve got going on. I’m apparently not as dedicated on my own these days so this help should keep me a little more focused.


  8. Congratulations on your commitment Jan. I can’t even get out of my pj’s today to go look into a new gym. My excuse is that it is too cold, but I know once I start exercising again I will not be cold.

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