Super Bowl Sunday and a day at the beach

Some people love football. Some people don’t. I don’t. Thommmee does. When faced with what to do on game day, he went to watch the big game with our daughter. She does. I picked up the 4 of the grandkids (they don’t) and we headed to the beach.


It happened to be a beautiful day in Southern California.


This was so much more fun than watching a football game.



18 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday and a day at the beach

  1. I’m with you, Jan. Not a fan of gladiator sports. The only sport my son watches here is tennis. He did watch golf for awhile. To me it was like watching paint dry. I’d rather be at a beach too. I just worked on a quilt on SB Sunday. 🙂 No grand babies to steal ;(

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  2. Hey, Nancy, I envy you! I would love to enjoy it. It always seems the fans are having such fun hooting and hollering for their team. I am often the outcast. 😕 Oh well- I don’t really mind!

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  3. Thanks, Liz. There was plenty of space on the sand. Hard to believe on such an unexpectedly gorgeous February day in the middle of winter that people chose to stay home to watch football! Haha.😃


  4. I settle in with Hubby during the 4th quarter and get all excited, which he always finds amusing. I’ve told him the 4th quarter is all that matters anyway. The rest of the game, I am free to putter about – usually catching up with blogs I follow and family on FB. Hubby grew up in an all-boy household, so he’s an all-around typical guy. And that’s okay.

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  5. Thommmee isn’t a die hard fan. He watches golf and football and he loves playoff games of any variety. ( unless it’s his beloved Notre Dame). He tried to help get me interested in a team so that I could follow it and get a little more involved. Sad to say that didn’t work out. Just realized that somehow I had stopped following you and just rectified the situation. Don’t know what happened. Sorry I’ve been out of touch for a bit. Looking forward to some more great recipes!

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  6. Hubby is a fan – I don’t dare speak when the game is on because he’s not going to hear a word I say. That’s okay, throughout the game he talks to me as though I understand a word he is saying – I just agree and smile a lot. When his Packers are playing, I’d swear he is on the verge of heart failure. Another thing I don’t understand – why watch something that is going to elevate your blood pressure and make the veins in your neck stand out. That’s okay – I love cooking shows, so he listens with the same “I love you, so I’m going to pretend I get it” attitude. It all evens out in the end. Love that you had such a beautiful day at the beach with the grandchildren. Sounds like everyone had a great Sunday.

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  7. It really is Pauline! Believe me, I have tried! Fans look like they’re having so much fun rooting for their team. I wanted to like it but I just don’t get it. The good news is Thommmee is not a die hard fan so it is seldom a problem. ♡


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