Missing Person Update…..


Our prayers have been answered!

I received so much support when I posted about my missing brother. I appreciate each and every one of you so much. Thank you. I am happy to report that that contact was made late today.

Although we have few details, we are full of joy and gratitude. Two weeks ago we posted our missing person plea on Facebook and someone responded! He was spotted about 100 miles from home by a friend of his. She called and let us know that she had talked to him and that he is alright. No specific information was given.

That can be a discussion for another day.

Today, we just want to thank God, our family, friends, and everyone for their encouragement and love. I  know that not all missing person ordeals have a happy ending. I do not even know how our story will play out but…

I do know that prayer works!

(and so does Facebook!)



34 thoughts on “Missing Person Update…..

  1. What a terrifying time for you – I’m smiling that there is a happy end and that he is safe and well. Hope you find time to regain your inner calm…you must have been beside yourself. Warmest wishes.

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  2. I can understand your frustration. When I was younger and travelling, I often dropped out of contact from the simple assumption that there was no one worrying for me. You obviously have a much closer family network. If it is a mental health issue, he may not be able to give a coherent account of his feelings and motivation, and to probe will only cause more confusion. On the other hand, he may have needed chill out time, and being a truck driver, assumed people were used to his absences. All conjecture on my part. Just tossing ideas around. As you say, love and patience.

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  3. You are so right we may never know or understand why he did this. I feel like the mom whose kid runs into oncoming traffic and you’re so scared for them that you grab them and just hug them. Once you see that they are okay you want to shake them! I’m just trying to bask in the gratitude that he is ok. Everything else can be dealt with at a later date. Love and patience is the key here, I think.

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  4. I appreciate the continued prayers. We have still not seen nor spoken to him but so very greatful to know he is ok. He has at least replied an acknowledgement to my text so it is a start. ♡♡


  5. I can’t believe how quickly everything happened yesterday. I know we have a big Journey before us but at least we know he is ok. Many unanswered questions but I’ll take it for now. Thank you so much, Marlene. Big hugs back at ya.


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