Farewell to Summer

Our summer here is officially over.  Fall begins tomorrow. The high temperatures will linger into October but the nights will begin to cool. In November  we will experience our “fall” in Southern California.  From now until then we will have dry dusty days without rain, Santa Ana winds, and abundant sunshine. The palm trees will remain green, native plants will flourish, hillsides will continue to brown,  leaves will drop and blow in the wind, but a few splashes of fall colors maybe found.

Summer was wonderful.  Although we spent more time at home than usual, we enjoyed many opportunities to get outdoors and appreciate summer. Rather than bore you with details,  I decided to showcase a few highlights and allow the pictures to tell most of the story.

A visit to Berkeley and the University of California


Exploring Berkeley and visiting with family.

Visiting a winery near Gilroy, California

Salinas, California-Home of John Steinbeck.

Beautiful Monterey Bay

Camping in Big Sur and exploring the California coastline.

Laughing in amazement at sun bathing sea lions.


A Phoenix sunrise. One of two trips we made to Arizona.

Who knew Arizona could be so green?

We loved our visit to Oro Valley north of Tuscon, Arizona…


…and even enjoyed the rain!

Our small garden yielded us tomatoes, onions, peppers, squash, and strawberries.

I worked on a few sewing and craft projects.


We spent a great deal of time with family, friends, and just hanging out.

(and of course eating and shopping!)

So while we say farewell to the Summer of 2016…

I am looking forward to what comes next!

How was your summer?

(or winter-depending on where you live)

29 thoughts on “Farewell to Summer

  1. … An undoubtedly beautiful recapitulation… such a beautiful summer for you! Happy Fall, from the Southern hemisphere (Spring over here!) 😉 Best wishes. Aquileana 😀


  2. I love the cooler weather too but I know we have a great deal of heat still in store for us. Phoenix in the summer is horrible and certainly Tucson not much bette but we were blessed with marvelously fair weather while visiting both times. Oro Valley, North of Tucson is at a higher elevation and much more pleasant. We very much enjoyed Gilroy but you want to talk about a hot place… whew!! My lacy banner was the benefit of a yard sale score of an entire box of ivory lace lenghths. I think I guessed about 60 yards. After I washed it up I was at a loss as to what to do with all of it when one day the light came on. I cut it into lenghths, tied it on a cord, inserted some burlap strips and some orange ribbon. I have to say I was really tickled with the outcome and hung it in my sewing room over the closet door where I can enjoy it daily. If I’m not in there sewing or crafting I’m usually in there reading or loafing. I need to come up with some more original ideas for Christmas gifts. Too bad my family members aren’t into lacey type things as I still have some left!

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  3. I threw in that last comment about winter because reading your posts I’m always reminded that we’re not all on the same schedule. It is amazing that this blogging Community is worldwide. Interesting you should have noticed about my lace banner. I got a very large box of ivory colored lace- a variety of widths and textures at a yard sale for $5. After I brought it home and washed it, I realized that I could not use that much lace in a lifetime! I saved a some and stashed some to donate or for my next yard sale. One day I had this idea to make a lace banner. After tweaking it a bit I added strips of orange ribbon to match my sewing room. Later I added strips of burlap. It now hangs there for me to see everyday. If it was up to me I would have my whole house decorated in this but I do have a lovely husband here to think of! I hope you have a marvelous summer before you. Hugs to you Pauline♡♡

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  4. Thank you. I have now made an apron for all of the girl type people in my family even even a masculine one for a little boy. I tried to give personal gifts at Christmas so now I’m racking my brain to come up with something new and not too difficult. It was a lovely summer Kama a little closer to home and more quiet but wonderful nonetheless.

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  5. Thanks, Cathy. My favorite book is The Grapes of Wrath so I was very excited to see the home of John Steinbeck. Unfortunately we could not go inside that day as they will not open. I love when history comes up close and personal. I hope you have a great Fall also.

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  6. Ahh…I’d forgotten all about autumn tomorrow and think my mind is refusing to accept the end of summer! Your summer looks wonderful, the Californian coast ones stunning and Berkley is so pretty, I’m taken by the photo of the bells. Also all your handicraft work and seeing friends and family has kept you busy. I’ve had a great summer after a hard winter and spring so feel rejuvenated and contented. Oh well…let’s welcome Autumn with a smile;’it’s colours are glorious.

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  7. I did not realize that tomorrow was the first day of Autumn. Thank you for letting me know. I’ve been ready for it for quite awhile. Our night time temps are quite low. Mid to upper 40’s Daytime in the 70’s. It was 62 in my house this morning. Love it. You have done a fair bit of traveling lately. Wonderful, though I would never go to Phoenix or Tucson in the summer if I could avoid it. I remember my car thermometer registering 121 when I came out of a sewing class there. I was afraid the tires would melt. LOVE Gilroy. Smells like tomato soup there with all the tomatoes and garlic growing. Glad you go to spend time with your family. I’m with Pauline, what is the lacy hanging stuff in the first photo? The aprons are cute. :)) I have some to make too. I’m procrastinating big time. 😦

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  8. All I have to say about my winter is I am glad it is over! Jan, my eye is attracted to that lovely lacy looking bannery thing in the first of your sewing projects photos. What is it? It looks absolutely scrumptious!!

    Love seeing all your delightful summery photos and little peeks into your family get togethers. I hope your slow fall into winter is full of just as many delights!! xo

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