Computers and Life

As you may recall, our computer has been acting up for some time. I have come to realize that a new computer will be moving up on the priority list fairly soon. It’s hard to make that decision when you’re faced with completing a new kitchen floor that is halfway finished, preparing for a Thanksgiving road trip for a 90th year birthday celebration for Thommmee’s mom, and then of course Christmas is right around the corner. We’ve been limping along between two ailing laptops for a while now. Both of them have their own quirks and problems. I have spent hours on the phone with our internet service provider trying to resolve some of the issues but….the bottom line is, we need a new computer.

I recently commented that the public library have computers available at no charge but somehow….. the inconvenience of trotting down there is, well frankly… inconvenient!  I do rely on my fancy little smartphone for most things but for blogging it just doesn’t cut it. It makes a person wonder how we got along without such necessities for so long, dosen’t it? Games,  email,  searching,  blogging….. If you are a blogger it’s rather important,  I think.

Life offers highs and lows and in actuality this is not the end of the world. I have certainly been blessed with more ups than downs so my complaint is really just a moment of voiced inconvenience. Sometimes it is the frustrations of ordinary life that get the best of us!

Silly,  huh?


14 thoughts on “Computers and Life

  1. Oh, I’m so dependant on my computer I can totally empathise- use it not just for blogging, but banking, email and mostly writing! Tablets just are too small for longer stretches and I like the big screen. It’s a pain (and extremely expensive) how they only seem to last up to seven years before they’re too outdated to work properly and seen as antiquated by anyone in the trade!


  2. Hi Jan,
    I guess we tend to take our devices for granted. I’m sure if my computer went kaput one day, I would be lost. Lately, I have been trying to leave the cell phone on the hall table instead of tucking it into a pocket as I head out the door for a walk with my dog. I feel I am too attached. I haven’t been blogging lately but I do use my computer for lots of other things, so like you, I would be definitely wanting a replacement if anything should happen. hope you have a nice thanksgiving. xx Nancy

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  3. I have a favourite saying to try and help myself get perspective when I’m having a problem ‘everyone should be lucky enough to have my problems’…truth is that it’s mostly just a temporary fix😉. I think that for a lot of us a reliable computer is important these days so I hope you find a way to treat yourself to one.

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  4. Sewing keeps me busy (and away from eating which is a bonus)! We will be gone during Thanksgiving so I am trying to complete as many Christmas projects as I can before we go. I hope you have a lovely visit with family this weekend. The little ones are fun but I certainly would not want to do it full-time again! !

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  5. I’ve thought of giving up the blogging because it is so time consuming. Lots of sewing that needs doing especially before Christmas. I rarely go to Facebook either. It helped me keep track of family abroad and out of state. I have a separate Facebook page for writing friends and other interests. Family stays separate. I haven’t figured out Instagram yet. Other than that, I’m doing pretty good. Have my brother’s daughter and granddaughter coming on Friday. Never met the little one. Should be interesting.

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  6. Good to hear from you too, Marlene. I will probably keep heading to the library for now. It’s not like I have been posting that often. Between the computer issues and life I just can’t seem to get to my own blog often enough! Just barely keep up reading and commenting. I have been using Instagram quite a bit (having given up on Facebook some time ago). I like the ease and simplicity of it. For the moment anyway it seems to meet my social media needs and is easy to use from my phone. If I can figure it out someday I may link it to my blog. Mostly staying busy with Christmas sewing projects! How are you these days? Hugs!

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  7. I had to laugh at that vision. I had a similar thing happened several years ago when I took my little IPOD into Best Buy to find a case for it. It was one of the earlier models but I loved it anyway. As a matter of fact, it still works great. The newest isn’t always the best!


  8. My sister brought her seven-year-old into the shop for some repairs, and the technician laughed at her for having such an old computer. In fact, he called to the other guys to come and look. I’m still using my desktop. I don’t know how old it is, but it’s still holding up really well. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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  9. Indeed – I still have a memory of a statement I made in 1996 “I will never have a computer, what need of one do I have?” A year later the friend who set up my first pc [a tech] told me not to bother with the internet, it would never offer much and pc’s themselves were too limited …… Two years after that he was jetting off to London to earn a gizillion as part of the Y2000 problem solving team…………. Never say never!!

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  10. I agree with Pauline. Not silly at all. These things come with a 3 year built in obsolescence. Mine is into year 4 and I’m hanging onto it with my fingernails. The keys stick and typing takes longer than it should. I hit keys and nothing happens but with several major expenses, like those you have had, a new one is just not on the top of my priority list…at this moment. I can’t rely on my phone because I couldn’t see it well enough to do the blog. I’d have to give up blogging first. We have come to rely on these little gems for our connection to the world. That’s a good thing, right? I will probably go into debt for a new one if this one shuts down completely. I refuse to do my banking on my phone. Not enough protection there. I hope you figure out a way to get one that works for both of you soon. We miss you. Hugs.

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  11. Thanks, Pauline. I rely on my phone for so much and seldom use my computer but when you need it-you need it! Such a different world we live in now. I remember how tied we were to a landline and the mail. Now I rather enjoy the flexibility of the internet and a computer! I do love being able to immediately answer a question with a quick inquiry via the internet. I wonder what my father would have thought of such a world!


  12. No, not silly at all! We’ve just had this conversation in my house, my daughter’s lap-top is dying and she is about to move into her new home and with all the expense that brings a new laptop just isn’t in the picture. There was a whole discussion about how will we get on when the great WWW goes down and Mr Google or Mr Wikipedia aren’t there to respond to our questions…… what will happen to Words with Friends when friends can’t play on-line any more……… and what about our blogs and all our global friends?? Not silly at all. It seems you may have to bite the bullet soon and have at least one device that works for both you and Thommee. Good luck!

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