Where have all the flowers gone…..

Well, maybe not flowers.  Where has mommermom gone?

This is not meant to be another sad story about why I have not been blogging for these past months. No excuses. Many of you have had circumstances that might have interfered with your blogging and yet….you kept on blogging….so no excuses.

It really comes down to one thing-


I have asked myself this question many times. I have felt guilty, made excuses to myself, and simply could not answer that question.  At least in my absence of first few months I kept up with my favorite bloggers and then poof! I could not even manage to do that very much.


I thought about the years I blogged, the time and effort I had put into my posts, my increased followers, the friendships I established, the interesting posts I was missing and yet I still could not seem to settle down to either read nor post. Then, I read an honest post from The Blue Jangmi  and she grabbed my attention immediately!  I realized I could come clean. I could throw myself on the mercy of my blogging friends and  community to ask for forgiveness.


Okay here goes. Please forgive me for disappearing so abruptly,  for ignoring your heartfelt posts,  for deleting you from my inbox often without more than a cursory glance,  for allowing myself to think I was too busy or whatever to stay connected. I apologize that you were kind enough to follow me and I was simply… unavailable.

So, you might ask, will I continue with my blog? I want to but I don’t want to make a promise that I might not keep.  I do promise, however, to be honest about my decision. If you are willing to hang in there with me a bit longer,  I would be grateful.  As you well know a bunch of hard work goes into blogging!  I could not bear to be a half-hearted blogger so for me it is all in or it is out!  I might need a little time to catch up with you all so patience is appreciated.

Thank you dear friends, fellow bloggers, and visitors.






38 thoughts on “Where have all the flowers gone…..

  1. I agree with Marlene and Nancy (haven’t had time to read all the comments, sorry). I’ve had a challenging couple of years and didn’t post much or often. But people were there when I started in again, and even that was a bit rockier than I’d expected. But I’m quite isolated for the time being and I don’t know what I would do without the connections I’ve made online, mostly through my blog. Even when I didn’t have the energy to respond, knowing people cared made such a difference. I’d say, post what you want, when you are up to it. People who care will be here, no matter what.
    Love and Light to you. ~ Linne

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  2. Thank you so much, Nancy. You thoughtful words warmed my heart more than I can say. I’m so glad we’ve been able to stay in touch via Instagram. It’s been wonderful having you as a friend.


  3. Hi Jan,
    For what it is worth, your blog should not not feel like an obligation. It should only be an expression of what you hold to be true, and you have the right to determine the timing for when you communicate. If you disappeared for 5 years Jan, and reappeared with a post, I would be still be around, and I bet these 30+ people commenting would be the same. So many other things to worry about, don’t add this to the list. Loved your post btw on your anniversary. Wonderful!
    xx Nancy

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  4. Ahhhhh, thanks. I appreciate your comment. The Whole 30 really changed my life and I have been grateful for your post and the inspiration that followed. Your most recent post inspired me to reevaluate where I was at with my blog with blog!!


  5. Be true to thyself, right Marlene? Sounds like an excellent plan to me and one I can embrace as well. If we can’t do it on our terms at this point in our life, when can we? Hugs right back at you!!

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  6. Thought I left a reply but must just have left my brain. Been where you are so many times but just can’t give up the blog and the connection . Making my own rules now. Follow only those I want to read and write when I’m moved to do so. Too old to bother with any other persons idea of how it should be. Enjoy and visit when the spirit moves you. Giant squishy hugs. M💓💓💜

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  8. How sweet, Ann. I know that everyone had their lives to live and in no way is my blogging relevant in this but it is the commitment that matters to me. I so appreciate your kind words. Hugs. 💙


  9. I think all of us who blog have to decide at some point or another whether the effort we put into our blogs is worth it. And we make different decisions at different points of our lives. Don’t worry about us…just blog when you feel like it, and your readers will understand!

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  10. So many of us have these same thoughts so thanks for putting it out there and eliciting so many thoughtful replies…I haven’t blogged since January and erratically keep up with others. I like the idea of taking a break that some have mentioned here. Nice to hear from you again.


  11. Thank you for your input! I always enjoy your wonderful recipes and I’ve missed checking in on what you’re cooking up. I did catch your recent recipe which I was happy to see as I always tempted when we travel with the malt waffles!!

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  12. I’ve asked myself that same question – like feeding the monster. Do what is best for you and always follow your heart. While I hope you stick around in some form as you have always been a delight, I wish you well in whatever decision you make.

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  13. I appreciate your thoughtful words, Pauline. You are so correct, it is never about the numbers either followers or the number of posts. I have been very busy and most of it has been wonderful but I have also missed friends like you. I am trying to make priorities in my life and some of the journey has been a bit painful but good. At this age it is a good thing to spend your days doing things that you love. I see you have been busy painting and that is obviously something very near and dear to your heart. Hugs!

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  14. I agree. My retirement keeps me pretty busy for which I am greatful and blogging should be a part of the joy or let go. I do love the connecting with people around the world so I have some decisions to make! Thank you for your thoughtful words.


  15. Despite my best intentions, I often have long breaks in blogging. I think your ‘about me’ page said yours started as a form of journal? How many of our teenage diaries have big breaks in the entries? If it gives you pleasure, write a post. If it becomes a chore, leave off. But please don’t feel guilty about not writing. Your regular followers will always be pleased to hear from you, regardless of the time elapsed. Hope you are busy enjoying life!

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  16. It’s tough. To blog or not to blog. Do what feels right and remember you can change your mind if that’s what you want to do. Nothing’s permanent. Right?

    Maybe you could write a list of pros and cons, why you do it versus why you want to let it go? Sometimes brainstorming on paper helps get it out.

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  17. Many bloggers take a break–sometimes a short break, sometimes a long one. It seems a reasonable thing to do. (I didn’t forget you while you were gone.)

    Blogging isn’t a salary-paying job. We do it because we want to. But I see the problem you’re alluding to. If we stay away too long, we’re afraid we’ll lose our friends and followers. And after putting so much effort into our blog, it would seem a shame to give up altogether. And yet, there are seasons in our lives. Only you know what’s best for you.

    In the past, I put a lot of effort into learning Chinese brush painting and batik. And then I stopped doing both. I’m not sorry. It was time.

    Blogging is a big commitment. It takes time away from the novel I’m working on. I think of quitting or taking a long vacation. Sometimes I skip a week. But it keeps calling me back.

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  18. Blogging doesn’t have to be an either -or does it Jan? I think when pressure is applied then the inclination – well mine certainly – is to not want to do it. I’ve taken a couple of breaks and come back almost without a ripple appearing. Sometimes you lose folk, but were you going to lose them anyway? It’s not about numbers or how often – it’s about content and sharing and connecting with friends. Friends are usually happy to wait til you’re ready. Heck, life interferes with blogging sometimes – nothing is perfect 🙂 Nice to see you around a bit at the moment, it’ll be nice when you pop up again xoxo ❤

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