Saying Good-bye to Summer

Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer. The stores have been full of back to school shoppers. Already the pens, pencils, and notebooks are being pushed aside to make room for the Halloween goodies.  Kids all around us have started back to classes with a few stragglers  preparing to resume their studies within the next few weeks.

 For us summer for has meant beach outings,


road trips,

,2014-04-24 07.45.15

 playing outdoors,


and swimming pools.


It has been enjoying cool mornings before it gets too hot,


 evening sunsets,


and tomatoes from our garden.


We have had some 100 degree plus temps and higher electric bills-but for us in Southern California, this is just the beginning.  September and October will bring us Santa Anna winds, hotter temperatures, higher fire danger, and more serious drought conditions. It will also extend our summer and allow us to enjoy more of the fun… wpid-2013-10-27-11.50.52.jpg.jpeg

…until we are so tired of the heat we will welcome with open arms the coolness of  a late fall.

The best part of the year is still to come!


November is my favorite month. We will have pleasant days and chilly nights. The winds will have blown all the dust and dirt away.  There will be blue skies.


We will pull up our blankets at night and run around in jeans and a t-shirt during the day.

We will take a rides


and go camping in the desert for Thanksgiving.


Before we know it (dare I say it???)


It will be Christmas!

A Saturday Adventure

This past weekend Thommmee and I loaded up our bikes and headed to the beach.


(Well, he did most of the loading.  I made the coffee and packed the lunch)

Our favorite place to ride is along the oceanfront path in Huntington Beach….

th (3)

(also know as Surf City USA)

We parked and unloaded at Sunset Beach which is about 5 miles from the Huntington Beach Pier. Our goal was to reach the pier.

There is always so much to see along the route which makes the ride enjoyable.


 A volleyball game…..


(or a nap)

……an exercise class……


…. and a beach clean-up day.


We checked out beachfront campers….


….and stopped to appreciate the surfers.


We noticed the local wildlife….


and stopped at one of many pit stops along the way.


Before we knew it we had arrived at the Huntington Beach Pier.


And now we had to make the return 5 mile trip.


We made it back in one piece (whew!) and met up with our daughter and grandkids for a few hours.


I guess we had not yet worn ourselves out yet so we decided to visit the Irvine Farmers Market. We loaded up the car and off we went.


(got some wonderful white peaches and fresh tomatoes)

Still full of energy, we decided to move on to our favorite flea market located in Orange. We lucked out since it is only a monthly event.


After all of that we were sufficiently exhausted and made the 30 minute drive home to collapse.

I think that was enough for one day!