Computers and Life

As you may recall, our computer has been acting up for some time. I have come to realize that a new computer will be moving up on the priority list fairly soon. It’s hard to make that decision when you’re faced with completing a new kitchen floor that is halfway finished, preparing for a Thanksgiving road trip for a 90th year birthday celebration for Thommmee’s mom, and then of course Christmas is right around the corner. We’ve been limping along between two ailing laptops for a while now. Both of them have their own quirks and problems. I have spent hours on the phone with our internet service provider trying to resolve some of the issues but….the bottom line is, we need a new computer.

I recently commented that the public library have computers available at no charge but somehow….. the inconvenience of trotting down there is, well frankly… inconvenient!  I do rely on my fancy little smartphone for most things but for blogging it just doesn’t cut it. It makes a person wonder how we got along without such necessities for so long, dosen’t it? Games,  email,  searching,  blogging….. If you are a blogger it’s rather important,  I think.

Life offers highs and lows and in actuality this is not the end of the world. I have certainly been blessed with more ups than downs so my complaint is really just a moment of voiced inconvenience. Sometimes it is the frustrations of ordinary life that get the best of us!

Silly,  huh?

One year later…

I cannot believe that it has been one year since I started my blog!


I am so excited!

When I started my blog I thought it would focus on crafting with a few thoughts on parenting thrown in. Maybe I would share my retirement journey. Yes, it has turned out to be these things and much more than I ever expected! I never thought I would be cooking and sharing my successes and failures in the kitchen. I never knew that I would retire so soon after beginning this blog or that retirement would be so much fun! I had no idea what was waiting behind the next corner. I am even learning from my mistakes.


As I look over a year of blogging, I am astonished how much time I spent sharing my experiences. I am thrilled to have met so many interesting bloggers from all over the world and touched by the support I have received from the blogging community. I am thrilled to read about places I will probably never see.  I am smiling when I see how many of my family and friends have supported my blog both publicly and privately.

I think what I was most surprised to find out is how much I have learned from other bloggers.  There have been wonderful crafting projects, some fabulous recipes, new ideas, places, cultures, and opinions-the list is endless!

I have some big plans this next year.  Sewing projects  is actually where I spend most of my time. I am busy making curtains, refashioning some clothing, stitching up bags, pillows, and other things that interest me.


In a recent conversation with my sister, I mentioned that retirement (and age, I guess) have allowed me the freedom to spend time on things that interest me and doing things that I  enjoy. I don’t want to waste a moment.  Funny how that works!

You may have noticed that I recently changed the format of my blog. Technical difficulties caused this change. I was thinking about a new look anyway so it all worked out.  I guess my biggest challenge has been the technical aspects of the blog itself. I have anguished over how to do simple things like show the like buttons or add another page. I still struggle but somehow I even enjoy this aspect of blogging.

Most of all this blog is something I enjoy. Thank you for joining me-both new friends and old friends-on this excursion. I look forward to this next year with excited anticipation of my continued journey.