A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day this year we decided to bypass the traditional candy, flowers, or dinner at a crowded restaurant. With a desire to enjoy the sunshine, avoid crowds, and spend some together time away from life distractions, we packed the camping gear, loaded up the car, and headed to our favorite place…


I know, doesn’t sound very romantic, does it?  For some crazy reason (to some anyway) we love this place! Over the past 30 years we have been here about 25 times and each visit is unique as well as beautiful.  Maybe it is the serenity, the diversity, or  the peacefulness that calls to us but we are drawn back here year after year. Last spring we came in early March to experience the Super Bloom.



Once every decade or so, the desert comes alive with a magnificent show of flowers. The almost magical conditions of dormant flowers seeds, rain, and weather have to be just right for this phenomenon to occur.  It really was a sight to behold.



 We left home at 4:00 am and arrived before 9:00 am. The campground much busier than expected but we found a couple leaving so we were able to get a great campsite. We had packed light for our brief visit and set up was completed in no time.


We now had a full day to soak up some much needed sun and enjoy the day.

After settling in and taking some time to appreciate the day before us, we decided to head over to the pool at Furnace Creek Ranch. There is a marvelous spring-fed swimming pool that maintains about a 80 degree temperature year round. For a mere $5.00 each we could use the pool and showers for an entire day. We had a lovely swim with snow capped mountains in the background. I actually forgot to take a picture but more information and pictures are found in the provided link.

A few hours later we headed back to the campsite for lunch and a brief nap.


 We wanted to make the most of our short visit so soon pulled out our beloved Scrabble game for a few ‘friendly’ (but competitive) games.


It was Valentine’s Day after all so we continued the celebration with some bubbly.


We completed a lovely day with barbecued steak and baked potatoes, a campfire, and star gazing. The nighttime sky is unbelievable!

Before we knew it we were enjoying the sunrise from our tent…


…and it was already time to pack up and head back. We might have stayed another day but we have two new kittens at home and were not yet comfortable leaving them for any length of time. I know our cat-sitter had things under control but you know how new parents are!


After breakfast in the cafe, we decided to take the scenic drive out of the park and headed towards Badwater, at about 279 degrees below sea level. Furnace Creek is almost at sea level. You can see the snow capped Panamint Mountains in the distance.


While I was snapping pictures of the salt flats at Badwater, Thommmee was snapping pictures of me!


We lingered along the way…in no hurry to leave.

Jubilee Pass


It is not often you see such green in the desert. We have had a great deal of rain this season with more expected. This is seriously helping our drought situation!


For us, this was a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.


41 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day

  1. Lovely trip! I have only visited Death Valley once, but spent 2 days there and really loved it. I can easily see why you return again and again. Looks like a wonderful camp site you found too. It’s hard to find good ones there I think.

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  2. I don’t think my comment went through, the Internet died, so if I double commented, please delete it!

    Anyway, wanted to say that your Valentines sounds perfect! I love road trips, camping, and enjoying nature and the stars. Much better than fighting for parking to go to an overcrowded restaurant any day!


  3. Such a great post. What a spectacular Valentines Day you had. Isn’t camping the best. There is something special about waking next to your spouse to the light filtering in and the sounds all around. We too bring our scrabble game for “friendly” play, yeah right, there is deep competition with joy, lol. Which one won?


  4. Thanks, Gwen. Probably won’t camp like we used to but an occasional trip or an outing with the kids is still on our radar. It does seem to get a little more difficult as we get older. With the delightful trips that you take I think you found a wonderful way to enjoy travel and nature together.

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  5. It sounds a wonderful way to spend Valentines. I wouldn’t mind an overnight camp. My hubbie has never been the type, and I never challenged that after six weeks straight of camping through Europe in all weathers in my younger days. . . . But I am ready to put my toe in the water again. Love the kittens too!

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  6. It was hard to leave them! 😻😻😻 We got the kittens with the idea of bringing companionship and life back into our lone cat, Delilah. Surprisingly it was us that got the rejuvenation! We can’t stop laughing and giggling with their antics. I’m getting quite the workout getting under beds and couches to dig out their wayward toys!!

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  7. It was something you BOTH loved doing so that makes it a perfect Valentines day scenario! I agree about crowded restaurants, chocolate we don’t need or flowers that wither and die. Perfect and peaceful. Kitties are too cute. I would have trouble leaving them too. 🙂

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  8. We are getting so much joy out of these kittens and they are a interesting set of companions to our much more mature cat, Delilah. It has taken her a while to accept them and there is the occasional hissing but starting to work out fairly well. Yes, there was dirt spilled from some of my potted plants that I forgot to put up, toys strewn all over the house, and a complete lack of indifference at our return!! I tried to take the 2016 and the 2017 shots from pretty much the same place to show the contrast from last year to this year. Death Valley is on a flood watch this weekend so we were fortunate to squeeze that brief trip in at the perfect moment. So nice to see you. Thank you for stopping by.


  9. I remember when you went to see the desert flowering, which must be a magnificent sight! Sounds like a great ‘little break’ and a perfect way to spend Valentines Day. Two kitties at home waiting for your return is a wonderful thing – though kitties are apt to punish you for leaving them whereas dogs go crazy with joy that you are back 🙂 They look companionable together in their basket ❤

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